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Meet the detective of statistics

3 min read

When imagining her future as a teenager, Johanna Hoxell envisioned two potential career paths: becoming a doctor or an engineer. Although her decision may have been influenced by a tiny desire to rebel against her dad, who worked as a doctor, it was her passion for technology that ultimately led her to choose the second alternative.


Uncovering valuable insights

Can an online course be the beginning of a new career at a global defence and security company? Well, if you ask Johanna, the answer is yes!

Let us introduce you to our world of opportunities

Seven years ago, Johanna first set foot at Saab. After completing her Master of Science in Energy and Environmental Engineering, she did her thesis and discovered her true passion – process improvements. She soon realized that a crucial aspect of this work was to analyze data, whether it was about energy savings or process improvements in other areas or industries.

" I decided to take an online course in SQL, Structured Query Language, to develop my data analyst skills. It's funny how that short course turned out to be the most useful for me in my role today. "

After spending her first years at Saab working as a Quality Engineer, Johanna had the opportunity to change course again. Today she is a Business Analyst with the primary responsibility of identifying effective ways of using one of the company's business systems. A challenging role that sometimes makes her feel like being a detective – searching in large amounts of complex data to uncover valuable insights.

" The best thing about my job is that every day is different. You never know what challenges each day might bring. "
Johanna Hoxell

What happens at Saab, stays at Saab

Working at a company where most things are classified is certainly something out of the ordinary. But according to Johanna, that also brings the employees at Saab even closer together. What happens at Saab stays at Saab – and the same goes for the employees. Many of her colleagues have been with the company for several years, and it goes without saying – that's clear evidence of the positive work environment and the large number of development opportunities within Saab.

" On my first day at Saab, I met with a new colleague who would later be one of my closest teammates. He told me he had started at Saab, thinking he might stay for a short time at the company. He stayed for forty years. Seeing the joy and excitement he felt for his work every single day until he retired was really inspiring. "

" We have a strong connection to each other and the products we develop. I believe it's because of our culture of collaboration and the sense of pride we all feel for our work."
Johanna Hoxell

3 questions to Johanna Hoxell

  1. The best thing about Saab:
    The wide range of development opportunities that makes people want to stay and grow within the company for a long time. Saab values the employees' knowledge of the company, which makes it easy for us to change tasks, directions, and roles.
  2. The most motivating:
    Being able to help the business work efficiently and create space for my colleagues to focus on things that are value-adding for the company.

  3. Your biggest strength:
    My analytical mind. Understanding different perspectives is a big advantage in my job as I need to take both the technical developer perspective and the practical business perspective into account.