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When Lisa Frid's childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian didn't come true, she suddenly had to rethink her future plans. The only thing she was really sure about at the time was her great interest in math and drawing. Today, Lisa combines both of her passions in her role as a technical writer at Saab.



Breaking down barriers

Let us introduce you to our world of opportunities

Lisa has been a part of Saab for almost two years. As a technical writer, she spends her days illustrating, writing, and coding user manuals and technical documentation to showcase how Saab's products and systems can be used and maintained in practice.

However, Lisa's choice to start working at Saab was a coincidence. Before taking on her current role, she had no idea that this profession even existed, and she was equally surprised by the open environment and depth of knowledge within the walls of Saab.

"Even if I want to move on to something else, I don't have to move away from Saab because all development opportunities are available here."
Lisa Frid, Technical Writer

"Before I started my design and product development studies at Örebro University, I didn't know that working with technical information in this setting was possible. I also had some prejudices about Saab being a bit conservative and male-dominated. But while I was writing my master's thesis at Saab, I had the opposite experience. Everyone welcomed me with open arms, and I strongly felt that I wanted to stay at the company after finishing my thesis," says Lisa.


"Something tells me that maybe they placed me there on purpose because, in my interviews with Saab, I talked a lot about my interest in UX Design. I appreciate that there were opportunities to voice my opinions and get help finding the right path. If I hadn't ended up next to my UX colleague or received the support to pursue my passion, my career might have taken a different direction."

Boosting professional development

As a technical writer, Lisa meets and collaborates with various people and experts at Saab. As the curious person she is, her work feels most fulfilling when she combines the practical parts of her job, such as coding and writing, with learning new aspects of the products and systems from her colleagues.

" I remember one occasion when I was looking for information about one of our products and needed to find an expert in the area. I remember thinking, 'Is there any possibility that we could have an expert in electromagnetic fields here at Saab who could answer my questions?' Well, of course there was! It's really inspiring that we have this depth of knowledge in such specialized fields within our company."

"I think it's inspiring that people choose to stay at Saab for so long and become experts in their fields."
Lisa Frid, Technical Writer

3 questions

The best thing about Saab?

I appreciate that my job is so diverse and that there are many ways to develop in different directions. I'm also very thankful for my colleagues, who are always supportive when it comes to my work life, as well as my personal life

The most motivating?

Being part of something bigger and contributing to our shared mission. We are all striving towards the same goal, and it feels good to be a part of that and deliver world-leading products from our small country.

A talent you wish you had?

I really wished I could sing. I would love to be able to sing at a friend's wedding or impress people at a karaoke bar!