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Coding passion into reality

3 min read

Building a computer from scratch might sound a bit complicated for a twelve-year-old. However, for Christoffer Krull, it was merely another hobby. Fast forward a few years, and he is now applying his long-lasting interest in computer systems and innovative tech solutions here at Saab.


From classroom to clouds

Three years ago, Christoffer Krull wrote his master's thesis at Saab. Today, he designs and develops embedded system platforms for radar applications in his role as Embedded Systems Developer. But that's not all – he's also a dedicated Saab ambassador, guiding our summer interns and students, all while progressing towards becoming a Systems Engineer.

"For as long as I can remember, I have been curious about computer engineering, the components behind computers, and building something from scratch, which also drew me to Saab. Being part of the process from concept to complete product is truly rewarding, and not many companies offer this opportunity, " says Christoffer. 

Despite Christoffer's current job title, he doesn't solely focus on writing code. His passion extends to documentation, leadership, and shaping overarching design decisions. Now, he's embarking on the next phase of his career, pursuing a two-year internal program in Systems Engineering.

"The program entails working across different departments over two years in six-month increments, where I'll explore various aspects to gain a comprehensive understanding of what it's like to build a radar. In two years, I should have the skills to help lead such work. It feels nice to get this opportunity, especially considering my relatively short time with the company, " Christoffer shares.

"There's no prejudice against being inexperienced. If you're ready for a new challenge, you'll find one."
Christoffer Krull

Building radar and relationships

According to Christoffer, working on embedded development in the defense industry has its unique aspects, especially when it comes to documentation and technology. The legacy of creations from over four decades ago, and the need for products to perform well both now and in the future, highlights the importance of teamwork and communication within Christoffer's team.


"I truly value the diverse expertise in our team. Even though we have different backgrounds, we work together seamlessly. Many colleagues have spent 30 years in the same department, watching the product evolve and becoming experts in their fields. Learning from them and growing in my role is incredibly exciting."

" Even as I visit other Saab sites, the company's warm and inclusive culture is always present."
Christoffer Krull


3 questions

The best thing about Saab?
The unique technology we work with, the variety of competencies in the team and the freedom and flexibility we have in developing the products.

The most unexpected?
The fact that it was such an open and warm culture here. Given the nature of our work, I initially anticipated a more closed environment where questions might not be welcome. However, the reality turned out to be quite the opposite.

Your biggest strength?
My persistence! I never give up, and if I commit to something, I see it through.