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Giraffe 1X Deployment Set

Unboxing Giraffe 1X Deployment Set

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In today's often very complex and rapidly changing conflict scenarios, continuous air surveillance is essential for protecting troops and for rapid response to various threats and challenges. But what to do when time is pressing? The answer is simple. You put your trust in a green box from Saab.

As with all boxes, it's the content that counts. The content of this box is particularly interesting because it contains a complete air surveillance system. Giraffe 1X Deployment Set, as it is called, is a truly compact solution. Small enough to be handled by just a few soldiers, easy to deploy and in places and contexts where your regular air surveillance systems will not go.

Giraffe 1X Deployment Set
Giraffe 1X Deployment Set

Securing manoeuvrability and survival

Modern military forces are a powerful resource. But without the right means to detect, classify and counter the advanced aerial threats that may appear in today's conflicts, even the most well-equipped units will be vulnerable.

Giraffe 1X Deployment Set is our latest innovation based on an exceptional radar with a small footprint that delivers performance beyond expectations. In this configuration, we push the boundaries even further and offer a compact solution for instant operations.
Rickard Dalsjö, Product Manager at Surface Sensor Solutions within business area Surveillance

By providing a swift understanding of the air situation and creating a level of awareness that enables rapid reaction for immediate and effective response to changing threats, including new tactics or shifting operational conditions, Giraffe 1X Deployment Set will significantly reduce that vulnerability.

With its high mobility, short deployment time, fast track initiation and high target update rates, Giraffe 1X Deployment Set will protect own forces and secure their freedom of manoeuvre and survival. In short, command and control in real time.

Giraffe 1X Deployment Set

Easy to understand and to learn

Traditional air surveillance systems require extensive training to operate. Giraffe 1X Deployment Set is, unlike the conventional variants, very easy to learn and use. It is intuitive and developed with the user in focus. In fact, the user can learn how to handle and operate the system with less than a week of training.

A different and powerful package

Giraffe 1X Deployment Set is unique and shows characteristics that possibly will change the established perception of an air surveillance system. The benefits are hard to ignore when offered at dimensions similar to a standard ISO shipping pallet, a clear advantage in case of any logistical dilemmas. This “compact living” for a sensor is power by 115V/230VAC or 24/28VDC with built-in UPS which means that it is self-sufficient when needed.

Giraffe 1X Deployment Set not only offers instant operation after deployment, it can also be locally or remotely operated depending on the missions’ prerequisites.

Multi-mission advantage

Giraffe 1X Deployment Set is an ideal air surveillance component in the Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) domain whilst providing ground-based air defence commanders with engagement quality target data, drone detection and Counter-Artillery, Rocket and Mortar (C-RAM) sense and warn within a single solution. It is the ideal sensor for a Very Short-Range Radar (VSHORAD) system and complements larger GBAD systems, or as a Counter-UAS (C-UAS) solution.

Giraffe 1X Deployment Set antenna
Giraffe 1X is our most lightweight multi-mission 3D surveillance radar using state-of-the art engineering. It is software based and continuously developed to meet new tactics and changing threats. Through a 360 degree-volume-coverage the operator is updated every second on the threats in the airspace, creating time to act without compromising.
Rickard Dalsjö

Low, Slow, Small and threatening

Drones, ranging from simple commercial variants to more advanced, complex and threatening ones, are becoming increasingly important and effective in modern conflicts. It is also not entirely easy to protect oneself against them, as most air surveillance systems are designed to detect larger, high-flying and significantly faster threats such as airplanes, missiles and the like. Giraffe 1X Deployment Set, on the other hand, is equipped with the cutting-edge Drone Tracker functionality giving enemies no place to hide.

The Drone Tracker

Regardless of threats being low, slow and small, Giraffe 1X Deployment Set will detect, classify and track them and even distinguish them from birds with a false alarm rate reduced to an absolute minimum.

Due to its compact characteristics, Giraffe 1X Deployment Set can be used for a wide range of applications and missions, anything from monitoring airport flight zones and local protection of own forces, camps or civil event protection to UAV surveillance of larger areas.

Combat proven technology

Giraffe 1X Deployment Set is a new, compact and mobile configuration ready for instant operations. It is based on the Giraffe 1X sensor available both in the naval domain with SeaGiraffe 1X and in the land domain Giraffe 1X. Giraffe 1X Deployment Set is already in serial production.

“At Saab we work closely with our customers to find innovative solutions to their demanding environments. By using their operational knowledge as an asset in our development we provide the market with capabilities highly requested and useful on the battlefield”, Rickard Dalsjö concludes.

Out of the box awareness

With a documented experience and a well-known heritage of over 60 years of developing radars, the all-new Giraffe 1X Deployment Set is everything except traditional. This versatile, compact and mobile radar is definitely defined by out-of-the-box thinking.

Giraffe 1X Deployment Set