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Whistleblowing - a way to speak up

At Saab, there is zero tolerance against corruption, fraudulent ways of doing business and other violations of company policy or legislation. Therefore, a robust whistleblowing system is of outmost importance.

Saab's Code of Conduct is an essential part of creating a group wide culture of responsibility and commitment to Saab's values. All employees are encouraged to report any conduct that they believe to be a violation of laws or the Code of Conduct. Reporting such violation, i.e whistleblowing, is being loyal to Saab’s values.

Reports should normally be made to the relevant manager. When an employee feels that it is not appropriate, or where the concern has not been adequately addressed, the report can be addressed to a more senior manager, a human resources representative, a compliance officer, the general counsel, or through the Saab Whistleblowing Hotline.

Saab’s Whistleblowing Hotline is hosted by a third party provider. An individual can file a report, in their local language, online or by phone. Where legally permitted the individual can communicate with Saab through the hotline and remain anonymous.

The investigations are conducted by an authorised team under a protocol setting out stadards regarding due process, confidentiality, data privacy etc. Each investigation shall include a root cause analysis and a recommendation as to any preventive actions to be taken as a result.

Statistics and investigation results are reported to the Ethics and Compliance Board and the Board of Director’s Audit Committee every quarter.

Regardless of which reporting channel is used, confidentiality is maintained. All whistleblowing reports are subject to confidentiality and a strict policy of non-retaliation.