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Saab Global

Climate Impact

Climate action is a key environmental area for Saab and is number 13 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Climate and science-based target

Saab has both set science-based targets as well as committed to UN’s Race to Zero campaign. The Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) has approved our emission reductions targets, making Saab the first major defence and security company to receive approval. Approval by SBTi confirms that our reduction targets are aligned with the Paris Agreement.

The process of establishing Science Based Targets has provided Saab with important insights into how we can reduce our direct emissions, known as Scope 1 as well as our Scope 2 emissions, while enabling our organisation to work with the Scope 3 emissions that are material to our business.

Saab's science-based targets are:

Near term:

  • 42 % reduction of Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2030 (base year 2020)
  • 25 % reduction in Scope 3 emissions for applicable categories by 2030 (base year 2020)
  • SBTi engagement target of 50 % for Saab’s supply chain by 2027 (base year 2022)

Long term:

  • Net zero by 2050, which entails 90 % absolute reduction across all scopes, with neutralisation of the remaining 10 %

Scope 1 and 2 emissions include sources such as flight testing and services, heating and cooling of premises as well as electricity usage. Scope 3 emissions include business travel, transportation of goods, supply chain and the use of Saab products by customers.

These approved targets cover the Saab’s entire value chain, which means that reaching the targets involves the entire organisation.

We report our carbon emissions according to the Green House Gas (GHG) protocol and disclose our climate risks and actions to CDP. Saab reached the A-list as one of the highest rating companie for our most recent CDP report (2023).

Saab's Climate Fund

Saab's Climate Fund promotes the development of sustainable innovations, tipping the scales for projects which otherwise may not be executed. The funds are allocated to environmentally conscious innovations ranging from improvements of existing products to the development of completely new products and services geared towards climate impact reductions.

Climate Impact Portfolio

Saab understands that to remain competitive and relevant to our customers and reach our Scope 3 targets, we not only need to lessen our direct environmental footprint but we need to ensure that our customers reduce theirs. Saab's sustainable innovation strategy ensures the continued promotion of products and services which significantly lessen the environmental impact of our customers' operations. Examples of sustainable solutions already available are Departure Assist Systems implemented at many of the world's busiest airports, Underwater Hull Cleaning of ships to reduce drag thereby improving fuel efficiency as well as our involvement in projects such as Sustainable Underground Mining.

Yet another way that we strive to lessen our products' overall lifecycle footprint is to continue to design products that stand the test of time. That means products that are cutting edge, upgradable, repairable and are robust. Read more about innovation at Saab here.