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Saab Global
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Responsible Business

It is imperative that Saab operates in an environmentally and socially responsible way. The ongoing climate crisis calls for a transformation of our entire society. Saab took major steps on the path to developing a new sustainability strategy during 2021 and this work is continuing.


As part of our work, Saab has joined the Race to Zero campaign, with a commitment to set Science Based Targets in line with the Paris agreement and to reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. This commitment will have a positive impact on the emissions throughout Saab’s operations and value-chain.

Saab’s sustainability strategy aims to integrate the management of sustainability into Saab’s core business to create a common agenda for the entire company. A crucial aspect of the strategy is maximising Saab’s positive impacts and mitigating any unfavorable impact in order for Saab to contribute to sustainable development throughout the value chain.


Responsible employer

It is an important priority that Saab is an inclusive, safe and healthy workplace. Employees are the driving force that will keep Saab competitive and at the forefront of technology, and help drive the transition towards sustainability. Diversity stimulates innovation and gives Saab access to different perspectives, which is crucial to Saab’s future success. Furthermore, by working actively with occupational health and safety, Saab reduces the risk of accidents, illnesses and on-the-job injuries in the short and long term.

Read more about how Saab takes responsibility as an employer under Health and Safety.

Responsible sourcing

Saab sees suppliers as an extension of its own operations and expects them to take the same social and environmental responsibility as Saab does. Systematic measures to ensure responsibility in the supply chain not only minimises risks, but also leads to higher quality in the products Saab buys. Saab’s code of conduct for suppliers, which is based on the UN Global Compact’s principles, is included in all new contracts and in contracts that are renegotiated. In the Supplier Code of Conduct, Saab stipulates that suppliers must place similar demands on their subcontractors.

To find out more, visit our supplier portal here.

Product safety

With a product portfolio containing everything from advanced aviation systems to submarines, it is vital that Saab’s products are safe to use. System safety engineers in Saab’s organisation handle analysis work in the projects and share product safety knowledge through information and training. Additionally, close cooperation with customers and end-users contribute to product safety.