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Saab Global
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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has the ultimate responsibility for the organisation of Saab and the management of Saab's operations. The Board appoints the President and CEO who is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations within Saab.

Shareholdings as per February 24, 2023 and include, where applicable, any holdings by closely affiliated persons. For transactions during 2023, please refer to

Independence Requirement

The table below sets forth the members of the Board elected by the Shareholders' Meeting who, according to the provisions of the Code, are considered independent in relation to the company and its management, as well as in relation to the company’s major shareholders.
Name Elected Independent of the Company/Management Independent of Larger Shareholders
Marcus Wallenberg 1992 Yes No 1)
Micael Johansson 2020 No 2) Yes
Lena Erixon 2022 Yes Yes
Henrik Henriksson 2021 Yes Yes
Danica Kragic Jensfelt 2017 Yes Yes
Sara Mazur 2013 Yes No 3)
Johan Menckel 2019 Yes Yes
Bert Nordberg 2016 Yes Yes
Erika Söderberg Johnson 2017 Yes Yes
Sebastian Tham 2023 Yes No 4)
Joakim Westh 2010 Yes Yes

1) Board member of Investor AB
2) President and CEO of Saab AB
3) Board member of Wallenberg Investments AB
4) Employed by Investor AB

Accordingly, the company fulfils the requirements of the Code that a majority of the Board Members appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting are independent of the company and the management, and that at least two of them are independent of the major shareholders.