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Collins-class submarines


Stories for the defence and security industries and our local community.

21 July 2021
Smart just got smarter – introducing the Carl-Gustaf M4

The modern battlefield presents a broader range of challenges than ever before. Dismounted conventional troops and Special Forces require extreme tactical flexibility to combat advanced threats in complex environments.

9 July 2021
Signature management key to not being seen

Remaining unseen is the first line of defence on the modern battlefield. Requirements are rapidly growing for the protection of forward-deployed elements from increasingly sophisticated Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) threats. If you can’t be seen you are far less likely to be acquired, tracked and engaged.

7 June 2021
Saab Queensland expansion commences construction setting foundation for nation’s deployable health 

Saab Australia (Saab) today marks the sod turning of its Queensland expansion and the establishment of a significant facility that will become the base of operations for support of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) deployable health capability (DHC) program (JP2060).

6 April 2021
Saab partners to deliver Australian manufacture of Barracuda mobile camouflage systems

Saab has selected New South Wales SME Global Defence Solutions (GDS) as its Australian industry partner to locally manufacture its combat proven Mobile Camouflage Systems (MCS) and multispectral camouflage screens.

15 March 2021
Saab attracts largest ever Graduate intake

Saab Australia (Saab) has recorded its largest annual intake of tertiary engineering graduates and interns, with 25 new recruits representing the future of engineering across robotic, mechatronic, mechanical, electrical, electronic, computer, software and cyber disciplines.

26 February 2021
Saab Australia securing the nation’s largest correctional facilities

Saab Australia (Saab) has signed a significant contract to supply the facility wide security system for the Victorian Government’s newest 1248 bed maximium security prison at Chisholm Road, Lara.

26 February 2021
Saab selects Australian SME to support Royal Australian Navy’s AUV-62 AT

Saab Australia has signed a support contract with Australian SME BlueZone Group for the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) latest generation anti-submarine warfare (ASW) target training system.

23 November 2020
Saab supports Australian industry innovation - PMB Defence contracted for Swedish submarines

PMB Defence have been assigned the contract to supply main storage batteries to Saab for Sweden’s next generation submarines.

20 August 2020
Saab Australia innovates into space

Saab Australia is looking past the horizons and into the Space domain having delivered a highly capable Mission Control solution for Space based scientific activities to the Defence, Science and Technology (DST) Group’s , Intelligence, Surveillance and Space Division.

24 July 2020
Future Combat System Development

When most people think of how a naval platform fights, the first thoughts are of guns, missiles and radar. These elements form part of the platform’s combat system and they are essential to achieving any navy’s mission to fight and win at sea. At the heart of the combat system is the Combat Management System (CMS), which integrates sensor information and provides situational awareness and decision support to the war fighter in both defensive and offensive action. This technology must be flexible and adaptable to enable rapid integration of new technologies to meet evolving threats. What is in the future for combat system development?