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Collins-class submarines


Stories for the defence and security industries and our local community.

25 May 2023
Australia’s naval fleet to benefit from industry collaboration on combat systems integration

Integration of the complex combat systems on the Royal Australian Navy’s existing guided missile destroyers and Hunter class frigates will be done in Australia, by Australians, thanks to an agreement between three of the country’s largest defence companies and the Department of Defence.

28 March 2023
Welcoming the next generation forging Australia’s defence industry 

Saab Australia has welcomed its largest annual intake of tertiary graduates with 33 new recruits ready to forge their career in the defence industry.

27 March 2023
Saab Launches Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan

Saab’s vision for reconciliation is an Australia free from racism, where First Nations peoples have equal opportunities to participate in STEM education pathways and careers and are employed in leadership roles throughout the defence industry.

7 March 2023
International Womens Day 2023

At Saab, we are dedicated to creating a workplace that is always equitable, diverse and inclusive, as we recognise that embracing equity means celebrating the unique contributions that we each bring to work every day.

9 February 2023
Curious about the ‘why’? Broaden your horizons and intern at Saab

Each summer, our paid internship program gives students in their penultimate year of undergraduate study the opportunity get hands-on experience alongside industry leaders across our diverse project teams.

29 November 2022
Engineering high-quality field hospitals 

For the Australian Defence Force (ADF), high-quality healthcare in the field is a critical capability. Deployable hospitals for defence and humanitarian purposes must be able to provide lifesaving medical care to Australian troops and injured civilians in the harshest environments, including the unstable conditions of a battlefield.

3 October 2022
Reliable medical and force infrastructure in the field

Through JP2060-3 Saab Australia is designing and delivering a world-class life-saving healthcare solution for use in military and humanitarian missions, both in Australia and overseas.

19 September 2022
Manage your signature and gain the advantage

As sensors are becoming more advanced and complex threats increasingly difficult to anticipate, the demand for advanced signature management technology is continually growing.

19 September 2022
Be prepared for any scenario

Empowering Australia’s armed forces with training and simulation solutions to support the pursuit of excellence in developing combat behaviours.

Carl-Gustaf – a reliable and continually evolving weapon

Trusted by Australian troops for decades, Saab’s Carl-Gustaf® recoilless rifle system is continually evolving to deliver new capabilities for changing, modern battlefields.