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Collins-class submarines


Stories for the defence and security industries and our local community.

23 November 2020
Saab supports Australian industry innovation - PMB Defence contracted for Swedish submarines

PMB Defence have been assigned the contract to supply main storage batteries to Saab for Sweden’s next generation submarines.

20 August 2020
Saab Australia innovates into space

Saab Australia is looking past the horizons and into the Space domain having delivered a highly capable Mission Control solution for Space based scientific activities to the Defence, Science and Technology (DST) Group’s , Intelligence, Surveillance and Space Division.

24 July 2020
Future Combat System Development

When most people think of how a naval platform fights, the first thoughts are of guns, missiles and radar. These elements form part of the platform’s combat system and they are essential to achieving any navy’s mission to fight and win at sea. At the heart of the combat system is the Combat Management System (CMS), which integrates sensor information and provides situational awareness and decision support to the war fighter in both defensive and offensive action. This technology must be flexible and adaptable to enable rapid integration of new technologies to meet evolving threats. What is in the future for combat system development?

20 April 2020
Securing New Zealand’s naval communications

An ‘all-platform’ integrated communication system, will provide safe communication links for the Royal Australian Navy’s newest and largest ship in its fleet. Saab’s integrated communication system, TactiCall, is safeguarding communication links for the Royal New Zealand Navy’s new maritime sustainment capability ship, NUSHIP Aotearoa.

5 March 2020
Saab Australia Graduate Program

Saab Australia's Graduate Program offers unique opportunities to kick-start careers by working alongside experienced teams to help deliver innovative high-technology solutions.

5 February 2020
International defence experience for university students

The University of South Australia and Saab Australia are working together to give Bachelor of Software Engineering students a head-start with their career.

13 November 2019
OneView review

Saab OneView was born a custom PSIM and has evolved into a situational awareness engine that’s endlessly customisable and relentlessly expandable. The most difficult thing about a management solution with this much depth and lateral potential is trying to describe it in a paragraph.

7 November 2019
See below in 3D

Saab Australia developed the InDepthTM mixed reality application to visualise underground deposits and plan more precise drilling operations for the mining industry.

6 November 2019
Saab's reach into space

Space is the final frontier for humanity and Saab believes it could also be a major driver of growth and investment in Australia. The company is a founding member of the Cooperative Research Centre for Innovative Space Solutions and is looking to apply its situational awareness technology to satellite systems and data.

14 October 2019
National Missing Persons Hackathon win

In an Australian-first event of its kind, a Saab Australia team from Adelaide has taken out first place in the Australian National Missing Persons Hackathon.