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Manage your signature and gain the advantage

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As sensors are becoming more advanced and complex threats increasingly difficult to anticipate, the demand for advanced signature management technology is continually growing.

Saab is a world-leading supplier of advanced camouflage systems, with a wide range of signature management solutions including mobile vehicle protection (such as armoured vehicles), soldier protection and static camouflage for all deployed assets.

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Adaptable for any platform

We’re experts at adapting our camouflage solutions to a wide range of platforms and applications.

Our Mobile Camouflage System (MCS) can be adapted to any military vehicle, from tanks to armoured personnel vehicles to trucks, protecting vehicles on the move and reducing the chance of detection by up to 90%.

The MCS is made up of multiple sections or panels, typically about 30 to 40, plus other components to effectively cover the vehicle. It is designed to achieve optimal camouflage performance without affecting the vehicle’s functionality, handling or performance, with each application tailored to the requirements of the particular vehicle.

More than just camouflage

Besides the primary benefit of a camouflage system deployed on an armoured vehicle, Saab’s MCS also increases fuel efficiency by up to 25%, increases the air filtration of the vehicle by deferring dust away from the air filters, provides support for an effective cooling system, and increases crew comfort by reducing internal heating of the vehicle.

Under an agreement signed in 2021, Saab is transferring knowledge of how we produce the MCS to Australian owned and operated company Global Defence Solutions. We are supporting Australian Industry Capability and establishing a secure supply chain that is highly configurable, adaptable and provides stock surety when it is needed most.

Ultimate asset protection

Static nets, another Saab signature management solution, are lightweight and flexible camouflage nets that provide multispectral coverage for troops and assets. The key benefit of these camouflage systems is their versatility: they can be rapidly deployed to provide immediate protection.

The nets have a three-dimensional anti-snagging surface structure, reducing up to 80% of solar loading on vehicles, tents, shelters and containers in the temperature range of –21°C to 80°C.

Weighing less than 250 g/m², the camouflage nets are fully customisable for any environment and can easily be connected to each other to create a larger structure.

These highly effective static nets use Saab’s leading signature management technology, which is combat proven and has been delivered to more than 30 countries worldwide, including seven NATO members.

The solution to beat new sensors

The key to protecting armed forces is Saab’s ability to keep evolving our systems to manage advances in sensor technology.

While the earliest military camouflage systems only had to fool the human eye, modern sensors cover a far wider band of the electromagnetic spectrum, including near infrared, thermal infrared and broadband radar wavelengths. Rapid advances in sensor-enabled drone technology and an explosion in civilian satellite operations providing high-resolution synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data mean that armed forces have never been more exposed.

Saab’s camouflage systems are designed to match the colour, patterns, textures and reflectivity of the natural landscapes in which they will be used, to protect personnel, assets and infrastructure.

Near infrared and short-wave threats are addressed in the top layer of our camouflage solution, with special pigments used to help the camouflage blend in with the natural environment. Thermal blanketing is used to manipulate thermal energy, ensuring that it stays consistent with changes in the environment through the 24-hour cycle. Since radio waves typically penetrate the top layers of camouflage, our radar protection system is generally in the bottom layer, beneath the other systems.

With radar and sensor technology continually improving, Saab understands that the challenge of concealing assets must also be met by advances in technology. Our signature management solutions offer the following multispectral capabilities:

Ultraviolet (UV)

UV light has shorter wavelengths than visible light and cannot be seen by the human eye. Our camouflage and deception products feature a high UV reflectance, enabling them to better blend into arctic environments.

Visual (VIS)

The human eye is naturally skilled at perceiving the surrounding environment. The non-glossy structure, pattern and colours of our products enable vehicles and objects to blend in with their surroundings and avoid visual detection.

Near infrared (NIR)

Natural environments reflect differently depending on a variety of factors, including climate and its interactions with solar radiation. Night vision devices need to be able to detect reflections at night. Our products feature patterns that are adjusted perfectly to match NIR reflections of the environment.

Short-wave infrared (SWIR)

SWIR sensors are extremely light sensitive and provide high-resolution images in very low light conditions. These sensors can easily spot laser beams from laser designators. Our camouflage manages SWIR wavelengths by following the spectral reflections of the environment.

Thermal infrared (TIR)

All objects, from military vehicles to your body, radiate thermal energy. This radiation can be detected by thermal cameras operating in the mid-wave infrared or long-wave infrared spectrum. Our products are able to adapt to the background radiation of a natural environment due to materials and designs that interact with the surroundings through convection, reflection, radiation and insulation.


Radar systems use radio waves to determine the range, direction and velocity of objects. This is achieved by emitting radiation and retrieving information from the reflected radiation. Our products provide protection against SAR systems that generate high-resolution images as well as fire-control radars and target-seeking missiles.

Visit Saab Australia at Land Forces 2022 to hear more about our signature management solutions and other land capabilities: Stand 1M20, Hall 1, Brisbane Convention Centre, Queensland, Australia.



Land Forces 2022

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