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Woodland MCS 360

Signature management key to not being seen

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Remaining unseen is the first line of defence on the modern battlefield. Requirements are rapidly growing for the protection of forward-deployed elements from increasingly sophisticated Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) threats. If you can’t be seen you are far less likely to be acquired, tracked and engaged.

Providing camouflage solutions which increase survivability and force protection, Saab’s advanced Barracuda signature management systems are enabling increased operational capability and protection for the warfighters in environments across the globe.

In advancing signature management capability in Australia, Saab is working in partnership with New South Wales SME Global Defence Solutions (GDS) to locally manufacture its combat proven Barracuda Mobile Camouflage Systems (MCS) and multispectral static camouflage screens.

Industry capability is critical to the success of Australian defence and together with GDS, Saab is supporting the development of sovereign capability and the manufacture of advanced defence solutions in country.

Local manufacture of Saab’s advanced signature management solutions will bring world-class capability into Australian industry, with the transfer of Saab’s global camouflage technical knowledge and expertise.

In operational use for over 25 years, Saab’s MCS is combat proven with multiple successful deployments, including most recently to Afghanistan and Mali. The system is continually developed to ensure innovative capability that keeps pace with the threat and delivers increased survivability and effectiveness.

Saab’s MCS primarily reduces the signature of military vehicles across the electro-magnetic spectrum. Using a combination of advanced materials, detection can be reduced by up to 90 percent against a broad range of sensors including; UV sensors, night vision devices, thermal cameras and radar systems.

As a result of its advanced technology, Saab’s MCS also delivers a range of secondary benefits. By lowering the internal vehicle temperature the MCS minimises the energy needed for cooling, therefore reducing total fuel consumption by up to 25% in the field. The advanced design controls the airflow around the vehicle, diverting dust and dirt away from the filters, increasing their life and minimising service intervals for filters, engines and chassis.

Saab’s signature management systems are bespoke and can be adapted to fit any environment, vehicle or object. Whilst delivering key operational benefits, the systems are also ultra-lightweight, highly durable, and easy-to-install and uninstall.


Learn more about Saab’s signature management solutions and its main Barracuda products; Mobile Camouflage Systems, Static Camouflage Systems, Personal Camouflage Systems, Force Protection Systems and Decoys.

Barracuda Woodland
Established over 60 years ago, Saab’s signature management solutions have been delivered to over 7000 vehicle platforms and more than 100 million square meters of static nets, to over 30 countries.
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