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What’s New in OneView version 4.4

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Control the level of interaction between the system and operator.

Version 4.4 has the ability to select manual, semi-autonomous or automatic workflows, offering opportunities to reduce the risk of human error or inaction due to a missed alarm or event.

Decide whether instructions and SOPs are adequate, or incorporate a decision tree of situational dependant semi-automatic options. As a third level option, as pictured left, select an automatic process that draws on data from sub systems to automatically progress workflow steps through to complete.

SLA timers are another new feature, providing the operator with a specific time by which to action an alarm or scenario. This is also reportable to allow for performance monitoring.

Contact ID Driver

Improve monitoring accuracy to get the best out of your existing system

The addition of a driver for Contact ID (DC-05, DC09) allows OneView to replace a traditional central station receiver for alarm monitoring and management.  The ability to set devices into test mode and other traditional alarm system functionality is also available.

Alarms received by Contact ID can be linked to manual, semi-autonomous or automatic workflows. The new driver removes time consuming manual status checks, instead using available data to perform the systems and device checks. Incorporating the power of alarm management into a common platform means improved monitoring accuracy and decreased manual operations for control room staff.

This new feature presents an opportunity for facilities that have adopted a traditional alarm monitoring approach to modernise their system.

HR & Asset Data Integration

Seamlessly correlate point of contact, facilities and asset information.

Direct and quick access to the correct contact for a facility and its assets at any given moment is critical to business continuity. This new feature provides instant access to important data including point of contact, their contact details, and the specific assets within their responsibility.


Track all movements and generate reports with ease.

OneView now provides a movement management capability to manage movements of objects or people between points (e.g. between buildings, in/out of a facility). The features of the movement capability include the ability to set up pre-planned trips and then monitor progress through self-serve (access controlled) or guard monitored checkpoints to ensure the trip is completed correctly and in a timely manner.

To support routine and investigative reporting, Move also enables easy reporting on all movements within the facility.


Geutebruck Advanced VMS

Multiple CCTV enhancements

Version 4.4 has introduced a number of new CCTV functions and enhancements.

These include the ability to: playback additional footage pre and post alarms and events for greater insights; import camera names and descriptions automatically saving manual loading; simultaneously undertake multiple export tasks and select tiled video of up to 36 cameras from a selected NVR.

Proven Scalability

Maintain delivery speed and graphics quality at scale. 

OneView’s reputation as the leading PSIM and the system’s ability to maintain quality at scale were again demonstrated with a recent national deployment to more than 200,000 devices.

Speed of graphics presentation and overall speed of information delivery was flawlessly maintained, proving once again that OneView is up to the challenge of any control room environment.

Schedule Enhancement (supporting Workflows)

OneView’s scheduling capability has been significantly enhanced to incorporate OneView’s rules engine and workflows. So, no timescale or schedule is too complex across the enterprise solution.

Public Holiday Support and Time Zone Allocation

Enterprise solutions operating across state, territory and country boundaries, can now include a public holiday scheduling function across time zones, regions and countries. In addition OneView can also cater for a specific time zone by device if required.

Park Alarm Control

To support the central station concept mentioned above, the operator can now park an alarm or event for a predetermined period before it returns to the active alarm queue.  The feature can be removed from critical alarms and assigned based on priority.  

Live Addition of New Devices

A new device will now become active and visible in the live OneView system without needing a system restart, meaning no downtime or loss of information when making device related system configuration changes. 

Automatically Detect Additional Devices (Geutebruck)

When any camera change is made to the Geutebruck recorder, OneView will automatically detect the change, and allow those changes to be easily synchronised into OneView’s configuration.

Updated E-log Control

Attach files, notes and contacts to events and alarms for later reference and inclusion in reporting with the ease of a double click.

Other Driver Updates

New integrations with Inner Range Integriti are now available.

Updates to the Stentofon, OnGuard and Lenel drivers are also now available.

OneView is a complete security solution that significantly improves the response process to security crises - with accurate situational awareness, communication and response management, we put the control back in the control room.
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