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Saab’s OneView is a complete security solution that significantly improves the response process to security crises. Providing accurate situational awareness, communication and response management, allowing control room staff to rapidly diffuse threatening situations.

Key features

Complete security solutions
Customizable and flexible
Provides optimal situational awareness

Protecting people, assets and infrastructure

By integrating security systems and building management systems into one seamless situational awareness view, and through built-in intelligence, OneView brings clarity and speed to what would otherwise be a stressful process to manage.

OneView’s true strength lies in its versatility. The user interface and functionality is easily configured to address your unique problems, processes and policies. Operator station layouts, system instructions defining which equipment are linked, and what action is performed on various alarms and events, all of which are customisable.

This versatility enables flexibility in its application.

Although best known for providing security and safety management systems into correctional facilities across Australia and New Zealand, OneView can be adapted to almost any environment.

Some key application examples are below:

Correctional Facilities


Installed in correctional facilities across Australia and New Zealand, OneView integrates a variety of subsystems to ensure the effective management of the facility. OneView also provides correctional specific functionality such as movement control to plan, initiate, monitor, alert and report on inmate movements throughout a facility – significantly reducing manpower requirements for corrections officers.



Hospitals are complex environments with thousands of people and expensive equipment to protect. Unfortunately, violence is a reality in hospitals and the safety of patients, staff and visitors, must be a priority for governments managing healthcare facilities.

OneView won a security industry award for its installation in the Queensland Children’s hospital, which at the time was Australia’s largest, newest and most advanced paediatric hospital. Saab engineers configured OneView to operate on the Children’s Health Queensland Information and Communications Technology single coverage network, connection to 1,000 doors, 646 IP cameras, 3 workstations, and almost 3,000 alarm points. This system protects the hospital’s 2,500 employees, 38,000 anticipated inpatients and 190,000 outpatients visiting annually.

Facility Management


By integrating a suite of systems and sensors that span security, building management and operational systems, OneView provides facility managers with the awareness they need to have their total site under control.

Combining status information and linking assets, OneView ensures the control room operator and system users can assess and respond to a wide range of incidents and issues. These include security, maintenance and operational needs, ultimately improving the efficiency and safety of a complex facility.
OneView is also capable of integrating existing infrastructure or working with new systems on greenfield sites.

Other unique features include incident management, white level inspections, observation cell monitoring and support for hierarchical control rooms.

Security Operation Centres


Showing its scalability, OneView is also an effective solution to monitor and manage security and facility status across distributed locations. As a tailored and flexible solution, OneView has also been delivered as the keystone solution for Security Operation Centre control rooms. This application of OneView secures a network of over 1,600 secure sites and assets across Australia.

The system standardises alarm and event response by operators with full traceability and reduces operator workload through automated system and sensor status checks as part of handling security related events.

Operator efficiency was dramatically improved by having a single application to access CCTV, HR data, asset data, alarms, events and reporting, as well as integrating with response management systems. All this in an open software platform that can be easily configured to meet the continually changing needs of an organisation, adding/deleting new sites, assets, sensors and changing workflows.


Developed in South Australia, with technical support across the country

Saab develops and maintains OneView at our Mawson Lakes Headquarters in South Australia. Our rapid-response technical teams can work with you on-site if needed to understand the unique systems, standards and protocols of your security requirements. With OSI partners across the country, Saab’s network of suppliers is specially designed to provide support when and where it’s needed most.

Complexity Under Control

Superior Graphics

OneView uses a modern user interface with high-resolution graphics and super-fast response times. This provides situational awareness making it easy for operators to see the status of their environment and respond to events quickly.

Easy to Use

OneView is designed to be easy to use, even for users with limited experience in managing critical infrastructure or security related systems. This reduces the amount of training required and makes it easier for operators to use the system effectively.


OneView can manage a wide range of systems from different vendors. It can integrate data through open protocols, SDKs or APIs, and can even connect to systems such as external databases, HR systems or Incident Management Systems.

Highly Configurable

OneView is highly configurable, allowing all parts of the system to be tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs.

Powerful Automation

OneView's automation and workflow engine allows customers to automate a wide range of tasks including business specific SOPs (standard operator procedures). This can help save time, improve efficiency, and reduce errors.


OneView provides a variety of reporting tools and dashboards that allows customers to track the status of their environment and generate reports on key metrics. This can help identify potential problems, track trends, and make informed decisions.

Scalable and Available

OneView is designed to be highly available and scalable. It can be deployed in a variety of configurations, from small single-site deployments to large multi-site deployments.

Quality Performance

OneView is a high-quality, high-performing, and reliable integration platform and security management solution. It is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Cost Savings

OneView can help save money by improving efficiency, performance, and reliability. This can be done by automating tasks, reducing errors, and improving the availability of systems.

Flexible Delivery

OneView can be delivered and supported by Saab or by any of its certified OneView Software Integrators. This gives each customer the flexibility to choose the best delivery and support option for their individual needs.

Enhancing Safety and Security

OneView is designed, delivered and maintained by a highly skilled, Australian-based design, development and integration team consisting of nearly 100 solution architects, business analysts, engineers, security technicians, project managers and support staff.

With over 50 installations already, OneView is an award-winning security solution.




OneView Software Integrator Program

The OneView Software Integrator Program (OSI) program authorises certified organisations to procure, on-sell, install, integrate, support and maintain OneView directly to their customers.

OneView Software Integrator Program

Integrated security solutions for evolving healthcare challenges

The healthcare sector is undergoing a significant period of growth as the population ages and demand for quality medical care increases. At the same time, the environment for healthcare operators is becoming more complex; from security and safety of staff and patients, identifying efficiencies and optimisation of personnel and equipment through data analysis, and cyber protection of systems and data.

Integrated security solutions for evolving healthcare challenges

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