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Seminar discusses bilateral relations between Brazil and Sweden

Swedes and Brazilians discussed topics related to the development of bilateral security relations between the two countries at the seminar "Close Security Cooperation from Far Away - the Development of the Bilateral Security Relationship between Brazil and Sweden," held by Folk och Forsvar, an independent Swedish association - whose name means "Society and Defence" - which promotes the public discussion of matters related to security policy, defence policy and civil security. The seminar was held in the second half of September, in Stockholm, Sweden. The Gripen program was mentioned at various times as the catalyst for cooperation between the countries.

Lena Bartholdsson, Head of the Security Strategy and Policy Department at the Ministry of Defence in Sweden, and Ambassador Alessandro Candeas, Director of the Department of Defence and Security Affairs at Brazil's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, addressed common interests related to security and industrial cooperation, the benefits and challenges of partnership between the countries.

Bartholdsson spoke about the long-standing and successful relationship between the countries from both a diplomatic and an industrial point of view. She said this new era offers more industrial cooperation and strengthens the partnership between the countries in security. The announcement of the acquisition of supersonic Gripen fighters by Brazil was a milestone for both countries.

"Sweden has begun to cooperate even more intensely and closely in innovation, the transfer of technology, research and development, training, and other important contributions that strengthen and expand Brazil's defence and security industry," Bartholdsson explained. "Saab has been working directly with its partners in local Brazilian industry developing the project fort the fighter and its systems. We see that Gripen has great potential to benefit other areas of the Brazilian economy," she added.

At the seminar, Alessandro Candeas presented his perspectives from the Brazilian point of view and celebrated the almost ten years of prosperous strategic cooperation between Brazil and Sweden who, despite the physical distance separating them, share a vision of guaranteeing global stability and security.

"Latin America is a very peaceful region, with little tension between the countries. If we talk about Brazil today, one of its most important objectives is to guarantee the security of Atlantic waters. If we expand this analysis, looking at the countries in the region, the main problems are related to drug trafficking and the issue of refugees, as is the case for Venezuela, where about 2.5 million have fled the country," explained Candeas.

The Ambassador backed up Bartholdsson's speech and stressed the relevance of the Gripen program, which has brought the countries closer together. Lars Nyström, Sales and Marketing Director Gripen Brazil, was present and gave an update on the programme.


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