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Gripen Mission Trainers are in full operation in Brazil

Two advanced Gripen E Mission Trainers were installed in Brazil, at the Anápolis Air Base (BAAN) in the state of Goias.  The BAAN is also the home of the 1st Air Defense Group (1st GDA) - the squadron that operates the Gripen fighters in Brazil. 


The high technology and degree of realism of the simulators enable the creation of realistic scenarios for training missions that will in turn allow the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) to practise precise situations of interest to them thus better preparing their pilots.

For Lieutenant Colonel Gustavo Pascotto, commander of the 1st GDA, the advantages of having this equipment in Brazil are numerous, ranging from cost savings in training to the improvement of missions.

“From basic training to more advanced, the Mission Trainers are used in two stages covering their entire spectrum of use. In the initial phase, they will contribute to the training of pilots to become familiar with the basic operation of the aircraft, as part of the process of implementing this vector in the FAB. In a second phase, they will be used in more strategic tasks in high-level operational training, that is, in highly complex scenarios and situations”, he explains.


Gripen Mission Trainers at BAAN

The Gripen Mission Trainers are used for high capacity training missions, as it is possible to simulate various advanced tactical scenarios. Learn more about the  system already installed at the Anápolis Air Force Base (BAAN), the home of the 1st Air Defense Group and of the F-39 Gripen fighters of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

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