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Partnership boost in Brazil

2 min read

CISB is a forum where industry, academia and public organisations can collaborate and develop new technologies and products. The Swedish collaboration with Brazil continues to be a successful concept for Saab and the two countries.

The Swedish-Brazilian innovation and development centre, CISB, started just over two years ago and is part of the Saab Global Innovation Programme. The centre, which is neutral and non-profit, now has nine members – including Scania and Stora Enso as well as Saab.

"The aim is to create 'triple helix projects' in which industry works with universities and state-run organisations. By doing so, Saab will be able to position itself as a credible and long term technological

partner in the Brazilian market," says Magnus Ahlström, who is leading the Saab Global Innovation Programme.

At present, the forum has around 50 projects that are between concept and implementation phases. 15 projects have been approved for funding from both Sweden and Brazil worth up to SEK 70 million. These projects include the development of smart electrical grids, fault-tolerant systems, IT security and conceptual aircraft design.

There has been a great deal of media interest. In the past year, 87 articles have appeared in the Brazilian press and a feature about the centre was broadcast on TV.

"Brazil's President, Dilma Rousseff, opened the centre during Fredrik Reinfeldt's visit in May 2011. Since then, the Brazilian Ministers for Defence, Industry and Research have shown great interest in developing CISB and for how the centre can strengthen relations between the two countries," says Magnus Ahlström.