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19 November 2021
Gripen E aerostructure factory in Brazil advances in production

Saab's aerostructure plant in Brazil reached a new milestone when it started assembling the Gripen E wing box. Currently, the plant has five segments in production, with the first forward fuselage in the last stage of assembly and units of tail cone and air brakes in the process of delivery. The plant has also started the initial assembly to manufacture the rear fuselage of the single-seat fighter.

27 October 2021
Gripen E delivery phase starts

Ramping up for full production The delivery phase of serial Gripen E aircraft will commence before the end of the year, with delivery of four aircraft to Brazil and additional aircraft to Sweden. This important milestone for the program has been made possible due to smart ways of working, innovative production technologies and a close cooperation with the customers.

8 October 2021
How to get accurate positioning without satellites

To be able to navigate with confidence and accuracy when GPS is unavailable for a long time is a game-changing capability for a fighter pilot. It sounds like a challenge - for others. Saab have studied and tested image-based and terrain navigation techniques and now propose new technology for powerful tactical navigation capability in GPS-denied environments.

6 October 2021
First Gripen E Swedish Air Force wing announced 

The Swedish of Air Force announced that Skaraborg Air Force Wing (F7) will be first within the Swedish Air Force to receive the Gripen E. Flight tests and preparations are ongoing in parallel at both the Swedish Air Force and at Saab to make the introduction of the aircraft as effective and smooth as possible. Together with the Swedish and Brazilian customers, Saab conduct flight tests with Gripen E that is proceeding according to plan and is moving at full speed. Before the year is over the delivery phase of the six first Gripen E aircraft will start. The phase includes many activities such as shipment, final certification activities as well as hand-over activities with the authorities and customers. The first Gripen E will arrive at Skaraborg Air Force Wing (F7) in 2025.

25 August 2021
Brazilians and Swedes advance in the integration of Gripen navigation systems

Three Brazilian system and software engineers are advancing on the integration between VOR (VHF Omnidirecional Range Equipment) and TACAN/DME (Tactical Air Navigation/Distance Measuring Equipment), the last one being a unique feature to Brazilian Air Force’s F-39 Gripen. All the work is done from Gripen Design and Development Network (GDDN). This is an important hub for technology transfer, located at the Embraer facilities, in Gavião Peixoto, in the state of São Paulo.

17 May 2021
Saab Aerostructures Factory in Brazil optimizes processes for Gripen using digital technology

Digitization of industrial activities in order to improve processes and increase productivity is a hot topic. At Saab's Aerostructures Plant in Brazil, located in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), it is no different. The factory, responsible for producing six different aerostructure packages for Gripen, a new fighter of the Brazilian Air Force, uses digital technology in the manufacturing process through a Model Based-Definition method (MBD).

5 April 2021
Brazilian Air Force pilot undergoes intensive training to fly the Brazilian Gripen

While the Brazilian Gripen is currently taking part in flight test activitites at the Gripen Flight Test Center at Embraer in Gavião Peixoto (SP), the pilots of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) are participating in the preparations in Sweden. Read here about the training of Major Abdon.

1 October 2020
Withstanding High G-forces

To be able to fly a Gripen fighter, new pilots first need to physically prepare themselves to withstand high Gs while at the same time getting fully skilled in cockpit operations.

29 May 2020
Brazil and Sweden: Gripen programme further tightens cooperation between the countries

The High Level Group in Aeronautics has annual meetings to deepen bilateral cooperation between Brazil and Sweden. Discussions have greatly strengthened since the signing of the contract for the acquisition of 36 Saab Gripen E/F fighters for the Brazilian Air Force.