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Future Growth in Saab Latin America

2 min read

After initially being grouped in Market Area (MA) Americas, the Latin American region became its own MA in January 2015.

"There is an operational need – as well as international pressure – for Latin America to improve its air and maritime traffic control," explained Bo Torrestedt, newly appointed Head of MA Latin America. "Several of Saab's products can help with this goal."

In order to develop business opportunities in this new MA, Saab will focus on strong partnerships and market analysis. The company plans on conducting market evaluations to determine which regions and products to focus on; the goal is to create a stable baseline of order intakes from which Saab can continue to grow.

In October of 2014, Saab concluded negotiations with the Brazilian Federal Government to develop and produce 36 Gripen NG fighter aircraft for the Brazilian Air Force. This agreement appears to be generating interest from neighbouring countries."When other Latin American governments see that Brazil has bought an advanced system from us, our reputation as a trustworthy, reliable company grows," said Mr. Torrestedt, adding that Saab is currently much better known in the region than it was prior to the Brazil contract. "They have become familiar with Saab's products, and are interested in opportunities with us. Given that our presence in Brazil will last for the foreseeable future that interest will likely continue to grow."