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Gripen and its aerodynamic control system

1 min read

The Gripen has a delta/canard type wing configuration, with flexible stability. A triple aerodynamic control system allows great stability and agility, providing precise flight and highly agile maneuvers.

This solution greatly helps pilots optimize their commands throughout the flight envelope, which also reduces the effort required to perform maneuvers that require a high degree of accuracy.

To further assist, the flight control system compensates for difficult environmental conditions and minimizes drag. In addition, it also ensures a very safe and quiet flight, not allowing the pilot to overload the aircraft, except in case of emergency.

Replenishment AR-AR

Another feature of the Gripen is to be equipped to perform in-flight refueling using the "probe-and-dogue" system of the NATO standard. This ability greatly increases the combat radius and / or time on the station - in fact, Gripen can perform missions over 8 hours long.