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The evolution of the Gripen NG technology transfer program

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In October 2015, the first group of Brazilians chosen to participate in the Gripen NG technology transfer program moved to Sweden. During this period, engineers and technicians received theoretical and practical training. Following this, they acquired skills and knowledge for the development and the production of the fighter.


Currently, around 150 Brazilian professionals are participating in training sessions in Sweden and more than 30 have already returned to Brazil - most of them are working at the Gripen Design and Development Network (GDDN), which already is the office of more than 40 Brazilian professionals and about 20 expatriate Swedes.

By 2024, more than 350 professionals, including engineers, operators, technicians and pilots from Saab’s partner companies and FAB will have experienced the trainings. There will be more than 60 projects, lasting up to 24 months.

The technology transfer program for Brazil is subdivided into four areas: theoretical training, research and technology programs, on-the-job training in Sweden, and development and production.

For the development of the 36 Gripen NG fighters for the Brazilian Air Force – 28 one-seat and 8 two-seat -, Saab has a strong collaborative partnership with Brazilian companies such as Embraer, AEL Sistemas, Akaer, Atech, and Atmos.