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Barracuda Multispectral Camouflage

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In combat scenarios, it is vital to monitor enemy positions and movements to ensure survival and operational success. Because of technological advances on the battlefield, sensors and radars increase the capacity of observation and enable strategies and decisions to be based on a greater situational awareness. Similarly, methods for camouflaging troops, facilities and snipers also have evolved.


In the past, the only way to camouflage was to use natural vegetation and shrubs, but the solution soon ceased to provide protection and instead became a facilitator of enemy detector due to colour differences in relation to living vegetation. " Currently the troops face new technological threats on the battlefield. In addition to radars and other sensors, unmanned air vehicles (UAV) with thermal cameras, even without great complexity, have expanded the detection capacities of the enemy, creating the need to develop new solutions for protecting troops in combat," states Dielson Albuquerque, Sales Director of Saab in Brazil.

To face these new challenges and scenarios, textiles with special colours, cuts and strength were created after many years of research, which has led to the multispectral camouflage that can protect the potential target from being spotted by a radar, thermal and infrared sensors, binoculars or eventhe naked eye.

Founded in 1957, Saab Barracuda is a market leader in advanced camouflage, representing more than 60% of sales worldwide. "The company's innovative technology is an important key for many clients who trust Saab Barracuda products to prepare them for the battles of today and tomorrow," said Henning Robach, head of the Saab Barracuda business unit.


Ideal for any environment

Considering all possible battlefield scenarios, such as deserts, rainforests, jungles, snow-covered mountains and savannahs, Saab Barracuda develops cutting-edge camouflage solutions to keep potential targets, such as troops, soldiers, strategic facilities, camps and combat vehicles, safe and nearly invisible.

"Besides providing protection, this technology ensures important operational benefits, such as reducing the temperature of the protected object, which means greater comfort for troops, in addition to maintaining the weapons precision of combat vehicles, saving fuel and extending the endurance of the electronic equipment," explains Albuquerque.

Weighing less than 300 g/m², the Barracuda solution is composed of a layer of textile material on top of a mesh layer that can withstand temperatures from -21°C to 80°C. The systems are easy to use, store and transport, enabling users to act quickly in any scenario.

To provide better protection in the visual spectrum, i.e., from detection by the naked eye or binocular, the Saab technical team studies the colours of the operational environment. This makes the Barracuda a flexible solution providing multispectral protection, taking into account the environmental conditions of the intended region.

"It's not just a question about how to hide and blend in with the environment, but about how to save time in the battlefield and have a greater chance of being the first to act. Vehicles and people are high-value resources and deserve technological protection during conflicts," concluded the executive.