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Saab’s Giraffe 1X radar provides agile protection for forces on the go

Saab’s agile and lightweight yet powerful radar Giraffe 1X, on contract and in production, provides true mobility. Giraffe 1X can be placed on a conventional vehicle or any other type of vehicle suitable for the mission and can be turned on and off in an instant – making it ideal for protecting forces on the move as well as infrastructure. It provides situational awareness even in inaccessible and remote environments. Saab is currently prepared to participate with Giraffe 1X in trials taking place in India.

With drone and missile technology fast evolving, today’s armed forces need agile radar systems that provides outstanding situational awareness.

The pace of warfare is getting faster. Rapid advances in digital technology mean split-second decisions made by troops in the field can mean the difference between success of a mission or a devastating failure.

“Technology has got to the point where as soon as modern troops begin any sort of transmission, they expose themselves and can expect a threat to start coming in their direction,” explains Rickard Dalsjö, Product Manager at Saab. “In some situations, they have to move from a position within seconds.”

Under such conditions, being able to instantly gain situational awareness and then move is a game changer. This is one of the reasons Saab developed the Giraffe 1X radar system. Capable of being carried in a conventional vehicle, it provides powerful situational awareness and can be switched on and off in an instant.

The Giraffe 1X radar can also play a key role in ground-based air defence. With many conflicts now occurring, in for example complex urban terrain, ground troops need to be agile and able to respond quickly to threats. While other ground-based radar systems often weigh around 1.5 tonnes and require a truck for transport, the Giraffe 1X system only weighs 150 kilograms and can be carried by a conventional vehicle. No single component weighs more than 60 kilograms, so the system can be used from a vehicle or quickly relocated using manpower.

“In urban warfare situations, the Giraffe 1X can be deployed within minutes for example at a rooftop of a building and at the same time the personnel and the vehicle will be well protected somewhere else,” says Dalsjö.

Despite the small size, the Giraffe 1X pack a big punch in terms of performance. With its mast extended, the Giraffe 1X can detect large aircraft at a distance up to 100 kilometres and is well suited to detect incoming missiles and mortars. The Giraffe 1X can be used with Saab’s software-based Enhanced Low, Slow and Small (ELSS) functionality, enabling the Giraffe 1X to detect and classify objects as small as hobby store drones at vast distances. The Giraffe 1X can also distinguish the drones from birds, which have very similar movement patterns.

Giraffe 1X has attracted considerable interest from other sectors. Dalsjö explains that the performance and relative affordability of the system has created an interest from a number of airports around the world as a part of their anti-drone strategy. “The Giraffe 1X can also be used as a part of the protection of other critical infrastructure such as embassies,” says Dalsjö.

Giraffe 1X is perfect for India and ready to be made in India.

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