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Industrial Partnership

A partnership of equals

At Saab, we believe that an investment in the security of your nation should be an investment in your future. It should also be a generator of independence and economic and industrial growth. Co-operation and long-lasting partnerships are the tools which make such progress possible.

Competing on a global scale implies a strong presence in key markets. Saab is now looking at Netherlands in that particular way. A larger share of industry activities, ranging from research and development to maintenance, repair and overhaul, will in the future be conducted outside of Saab’s home market, Sweden. Co-operation with local entities ensures that Saab products are adapted to international and local market requirements.

This concept is not new to Saab. Looking outside of Saab for state-of-the-art suppliers has always been part of our approach. This has also been pursued in research collaborations, in triple helix contexts with Swedish academia, and, in ventures with other companies.

Over the years, Saab has built its success on mutually beneficial long-term partnerships with local stakeholders in countries it operates in. Saab strongly believes in co-operating with local businesses and industries and sees it as an integral part of its DNA. Its proven track record in industrial co-operation in over 30 countries speaks for itself. It has led to business and job creation, often in combination with significant transfer of technology programs.

Saab invests heavily in research and development in order to develop world-leading technologies. Despite the company’s relatively small size, it offers a broad and competitive product portfolio thanks to smart thinking, international collaborations and the courage to try new things. With innovation being an integral part of Saab’s success, materials and methods thought of as “rocket science” only a decade ago are now in production.