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Arctic Warrior Experiment 2022

Solutions made for harsh climate

Arctic Warrior Experiment is an arena where the Norwegian Armed Forces and the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment invites the industry to come up with innovative solutions to strengthen the soldiers ability to operate in an arctic environment.
Arctic Warrior Experiment 2022

Saab deliver a wide range of new technologies to help soldiers perform at their highest level. Our products are made to withstand the arctic climate in the high north. This video presents solutions that are suited for special forces operations in a harsh environment. 


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Carl-Gustaf® M4

With its comprehensive range of ammunition, Carl-Gustaf® can adapt to any advanced operation, making it the best multipurpose system around. The system range covers traditional high-explosive and anti-armour ammunition, but also anti-structural, smoke and illumination ammunition. Eleven types of full-calibre ammunition are available today, which offers a combat range out to 1300 meters.

The Carl-Gustaf® M4, offers a higher degree of accuracy and compatibility with future innovations, such as advanced fire control units and intelligent ammunition. The user-focused design of the Carl-Gustaf® provides a solution for every combat scenario, equipping ground forces for the challenges of today and tomorrow. Up to now, fourteen nations, including many NATO countries, have signed contracts for Carl-Gustaf® M4.


The one-man-portable NLAW (Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon) gives infantry the power to destroy immediately the most advanced main battle tank, wherever and whenever it appears within combat range, with only one shot. Using the proven OTA technology with an advanced fuze system, the missile always has a “full-size target” seen from above and strikes through the roof. The reliability and precision of NLAW enhances survivability on the modern battlefield. The weapon is fully compatible with night vision goggles and any other clip-on night vision devices.


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Forward Resuscitation Capacity

In a crisis situation, having the right level of support can mean the difference between life and death. Faced with an emergency scenario, efficiency is crucial. The Forward Resuscitation Capacity (FRC) solution comprises a Forward Resuscitation Team (FRT) and/or a Forward Surgical Team (FST). Highly mobile and easily deployed, it provides advanced medical and surgical care for mobile forces involved in military or humanitarian conflict. In the event of medical evacuation from an incident site being delayed, patients can be moved to the FRC and stabilised until evacuation becomes possible. The unit itself is extremely lightweight, with a total mass of just 750 kilograms. Designed for airdrop, set-up takes just 10-15 minutes, after which the unit is self-sufficient for 24 hours or more.


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Arctic Camouflage Net

Arctic Camouflage Net

Armed forces today have to be prepared for operations in a wide range of environments, with constantly changing threats and intensity. Saab’s Arctic Camouflage Net has outstanding multispectral properties that protect across the entire electromagnetic spectrum where there is a threat sensor.

The visual and near-infrared colour pigments and accompanying patterns are specifically developed for arctic environments. The pattern is randomised on both sides, making the net blend in even better. Low gloss also prevents giveaway glints and reflections, and the thermal properties provide greater protection.

The Arctic Camouflage Net is two-sided and made from rough and safe materials. The reversible design allows the net to have two different colour schemes coatings and patterns for two entirely different environments. The winter camouflage’s dimension, shape and colours can be tailored to all arctic environments and to the customer’s requirements.


Adaptable Personal Protection

Flexible camouflage is essential for individual safety in all situations. The Personal Camouflage Poncho combines the flexibility of a camouflage net with the figure-adapted design and comfort of a combat uniform, providing versatile, multispectral protection. The Poncho is designed to cover your load carriage system, shielding both soldier and equipment from view. The Personal Camouflage Poncho is ultra-light, weighing no more than 1.5 kg. The water repellent fabric ensures that it remains ultralight in all conditions.

Barracuda ULCAS

Saab offers most advanced camouflage systems such as ULCAS (Ultra-Lightweight Camouflage Screen) with unrivalled signature protection for objects in static positions. The camouflage system ULCAS is very light – 250 grams per square meter – meaning soldiers can easily carry 50–75 square meters when needed. With a 3D surface structure, the net is flexible and easy to install.


Saab’s Barracuda camouflage system has been developed in close cooperation with the armed forces in Sweden, Germany, NATO and other key organizations. Saab Barracuda provides innovative solutions to over 45 countries. It has also held established relationships for over more than half a century.


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The flexibility of the RBS 70 NG design creates a wide range of uses within the same mission. The system can be deployed rapidly and operated in a timely manner from any location.

RBS 70 NG system operates both day and night by utilising an integrated thermal imaging device. Another advantage is the un-jammable laser guidance system that increases hit probability against any target. The RBS 70 NG is unaffected by any countermeasures and other interferences, and can remain target focussed by using advanced components and technologies.

Saab's RBS 70 NG requires only two people crew, underscoring its maximised flexibility and operational freedom for armed forces. As the system is designed to be used in any climate (from arctic to desert), the cost per shot is relatively inexpensive because the “smart parts” remain on the ground and intact after each firing.


A total of 19 countries procured more than 1600 units of the versatile RBS 70 and RBS 70 NG to date, and more than 18,000 missile rounds. Many of these customers are NATO members. The BOLIDE missile is the latest iteration of RBS 70 missile, which has an altitude coverage of up to 5 km, an effective intercept range of more than 9 km, and the missile hits its target at a crushing speed of Mach 2. The shaped charge of the guided missile is used to successfully engage armoured targets such as UAS, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.


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