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Saab’s Solution for Individual Assault Munition (IAM) - An Ideal Weapon for America’s Warfighters

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Building upon existing AT4 support weapons, Saab's IAM solution is specifically designed to combine the force of the tandem warhead with the ability to fire in narrow positions or other confined spaces without harm to the operator or nearby individuals.


What is the IAM solution?

The IAM solution is the AT4CS TW, a shoulder-fired weapon developed to meet the needs of the modern warfighter. Building upon existing AT4 support weapons, the IAM solution is specifically designed to combine the force of the tandem warhead with the ability to fire in narrow positions or other confined spaces without harm to the operator or nearby individuals. This unique design also allows the operator to benefit from protection and cover in urban warfare.

The tandem warhead excels against a wide variety of targets, including brick or concrete buildings and light armored vehicles, and delivers behind the wall effects to incapacity threat forces while minimizing collateral damage.

How does it fit into the AT4 family?

The AT4 family is an affordable recoilless weapon portfolio designed for single use, delivered with a built-in round in each unit. Solutions from the AT4 family are robust, reliable and lightweight. Because they are disposable immediately after use, they require no maintenance.

Like most weapons from the AT4 family, the AT4CS TW provides a significant advantage due to a design solution that allows its use in confined spaces.

Currently, the AT4 family includes the AT4 HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank), AT4CS HP (High Penetration), AT4CS RS (Reduced Sensitivity), the new AT4CS AST (Anti-Structure Tandem-warhead) and its two variants AT4CS ER (Extended Range) and AT4CS HE (High Explosive).

What makes the AT4 family so highly regarded?

The US military has effectively used the AT4 system in real-world combat operations from Desert Storm to the more recent Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. U.S. service members rely on the effectiveness and ease of use that comes with AT4 munition.

Sergeant Major Brian Zickenfoose USMC (ret) was awarded a Silver Star while destroying enemy tanks at close proximity during Desert Storm using AT4 munition.

The AT4 family has five key capabilities that make it an ideal solution for combat:

  • It is made for every Soldier and Marine. The AT4 family provides easy handling for every experience level and requires very little training. Equipment that is simple to operate is an advantage in noisy, stressful battlefield situations. Intuitive, straightforward weapons also mean fewer system failures.
  • It has rapid deployment capability. Man-portable and preloaded, AT4 weapons can be rapidly set up and used – a clear advantage in any combat situation.
  • It provides identical handling across the portfolio. Regardless of which AT4 solution is being utilized – anti-armor, anti-structure or anti-personnel – the handling and functionality are the same, making it easier for warfighters to train and use.
  • It is effective and lightweight. The AT4 family offers the perfect balance of firepower and weight, allowing warfighters to adapt quickly to evolving combat situations. A lightweight weapon is essential on the battlefield as every ounce of energy conserved can be used to continue the mission.
  • It leverages existing training. Since a version of AT4 has been in service since 1985, the latest, technically advanced weapon will leverage existing training infrastructure, minimizing additional training time and program cost.

What is the advantage of the AT4 being maintenance-free?

A disposable weapon eliminates the operational downtime needed for service or maintenance, decreases cost and removes the potential for error when repairing equipment.  

How has the AT4 family evolved?

Saab is one of the world’s leading suppliers of man-portable support weapons. First developed in the mid-1980s, the AT4 continues to be refined and improved. The product line takes its name from its anti-tank capabilities, with AT4 being a play on the 84mm caliber.

Combine that history with the company’s commitment to providing complete life-cycle support and you have a continuously improving and evolving product line. End users require that man-portable weapons systems become increasingly lighter and easier to carry. Saab is adapting the systems to meet those requirements. Soon, a ready-to-use AT4 unit can weigh less than 15 pounds.

The AT4 family is one of the most successful anti-armor weapons ever. Lightweight, man-portable and fully disposable weapons, each is optimized for anyone to use.

AT4 in the U.S.

To date, the U.S. has purchased over 700,000 AT4s, and it has been the U.S. Army’s squad weapon since 1985. It also widely used by U.S. Special Forces and the U.S. Marine Corps and has been deployed by over 15 countries worldwide.

When a weapon development program was canceled in the early 2000s, the AT4CS was designated one of two interim solutions until the Individual Assault Munition program is awarded.  The U.S. Army has heavily relied upon AT4CS in this capacity for over 20 years. 

Saab is establishing U.S. manufacturing of the AT4CS TW, strengthening the U.S. defense industrial base and supply chain, while at the same time creating jobs and supporting the U.S. economy.  Now more than ever, as the threat evolves, so do Saab’s products.

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