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Erieye the watchful eye

Detecting smugglers in the jungle, all the way from Gothenburg

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In Latin America’s remote jungles there is an ongoing struggle between public authorities and drugs cartels. Cocaine labs and landing strips for small, light aircraft are easy to hide in the lush greenery and they are also easy to move. The police face a huge challenge and that’s where we, at Saab, can contribute.


Saab’s operation in Gothenburg leads the way on this. That’s where its world leading radar competence is gathered and developed. And that’s where our radar experts spend all their time innovating some of the world’s most advanced radar systems. One of them is called Erieye – an airborne radar. One of the things it is used for is to help the Brazilian drugs police keep track of the air traffic in the Amazonas and detect the drugs smugglers’ transport in action.

Saab’s solutions not only help Latin American drugs police to become more effective. They also contribute to making Sweden safer. Reducing the amount of drugs leaving the jungle over there also means that less drugs end up on the streets in Gothenburg and other cities worldwide.