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From ski slopes to the skies

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A few years ago, the idea of returning to school was the furthest thing from her mind. However, an unexpected encounter during a ski trip led to a change of heart. Today, she is a Project Manager for a team specializing in aircraft support equipment and product development here at Saab. Allow us to introduce you to Line Scharl.


An unexpected career leap

According to Line Scharl, her working life has mainly been shaped by coincidences. Before joining Saab, she worked as a Project Leader in photography and film. Later, she worked part-time at a ski resort. During one of these ski trips, she met a woman studying sports technology, which immediately piqued Line's interest due to her passion for outdoor life.

"I found her education so interesting that I decided to move to Östersund and resume my studies. The fact that I could also pursue skiing while studying made my decision even easier. I enjoyed Östersund so much that I decided to stay. Shortly after graduating, I began job hunting, and that's how I ended up at Saab," shares Line.

With her job at Saab being her first in the field after graduating, she didn't really know what to expect. But as her previous work life had offered unexpected opportunities and newfound interests, this time was no exception.

"I never thought I would develop an interest in aeroplanes; my initial plan was to work in the development of sports and leisure equipment due to my educational background. I think it's incredible that there are products at Saab that I was previously unaware of but have become passionate about today. The range of products and opportunities here is truly impressive," Line continues.

"We all aim to create quality products for moments when they are truly required, yet our ultimate hope is that they won't be needed at all."
Line Scharl

On the piste to progress

Line initially began her career at Saab as an Engineer. However, by expressing her desire to grow in her role, work less operationally, and focus more on project management, she has now expanded her responsibilities – and her horizons.

"Even though I'm still quite new at Saab, I have already been able to expand my horizons with new roles and responsibilities. It has also opened my eyes to the various opportunities within the company. We truly offer something for everyone, and not just for engineers, as many people might think. For instance, we have nurses on-site to provide input, as we design field hospital tents. Although this is a small example, there are areas requiring a wide range of expertise, which means that there really is something for everyone here at Saab."

" The diversity of tasks and the constant exposure to new challenges make my job incredibly exciting."
Line Scharl

3 questions

Your advice to a potential colleague?
First, apply for the job! Second, be prepared for a long learning period. However, if you're willing to embrace the challenges and have the courage to do so, opportunities will open up.  

The best thing about being a Saab employee?
The potential for growth and the wide range of career options are aspects I truly value. The size of our company means that if I ever tire of my current position, there are numerous other areas I could explore, each offering a unique experience.  
An exciting project you are currently working on?
We are currently in the process of developing a new system for Gripen, and even though I work from the support side of the project, it's really exciting to be part of the transition from one generation to another.