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NLAW - Anti-tank weapon for dismounted soldier

Less weight more anti-tank

2 min read + Video

The Next generation Light Anti-tank Weapon (NLAW) answers the call to the modern battlefield. Light enough to be operated by a single operator and effective over a range of between 20 and 800 meters the system has awesome tank busting ability. 

Swedish soldier with the the tank killer NLAW

The earliest tanks were slow moving objects, like sitting ducks they struggled in mud and were easy to confront. By contrast today´s tanks and armored vehicles are rapid and equipped with multiple defense systems. The modern battle tank is capable of changing the fortune of a battlefield by its sheer presence. Our NLAW system balances the battle. This single-use weapon allows the user to approach with stealth and execute a hit with high accuracy. NLAW’s Overflying Top Attack mode increases the likelihood that any tank will be easily neutralised. When the mode is selected by the operator, the missile seeks out the least protected areas of the tank, including the roof turret and the overlying chassis components. In Direct Attack mode, meanwhile, the NLAW becomes effective against soft vehicle-targets such as trucks.

OTA explained

Our NLAW system is an easy system to use. Watch this video to see how it uses PLOS (predicted line of sight) and OTA (Overfly-top-attack) to enable its powerful shape charge warhead hit the tank at it´s weakest point - the turret. Maximising the potential damage to the tank.

Video - 00:18
At just 13 kilograms the system is ideal for dismounted light forces to move swiftly in urban areas.
Lars-Örjan Hovbrandt

“At just 13 kilograms the system is ideal for dismounted light forces to move swiftly in urban areas. As the target moves so does the soldier, weapon ready. If necessary the system can be fired from inside a building, providing its operator with maximum cover. Hidden and deploying such power makes the enemy uncertain as to whether they are being fired upon by an individual or by a platoon”, says Lars-Örjan Hovbrandt, Director Technical Sales Support for NLAW at Saab.

As today´s soldiers are increasingly engaged in urban warfare all over the world the system has been designed to operate in all climates. To maintain reliability and ease of use NLAW is maintenance free and has a shelf life of 20 years. Several countries have already benefitted from the system including Sweden, Finland and the United Kingdom. With many nations re-prioritising anti-tank weapons, it is generating significant interest throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

Soldier with Carl-Gustaf M4

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