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NLAW (Next generation Light Anti-tank Weapon) eliminates even the most advanced tanks. It is best-in-class for dismounted light forces that operate in all environments, including built-up areas.

Key features

Powerful warhead, able to defeat any modern MBT
Combat range of 20–800 m
Time from target detection to engagement is approximately 5 seconds

Technical specifications  
Weight12.5 kg
Combat range  20 m – 800 m
Engage timeApprox. 5 seconds
Insensitive munitionYes
Shelf life20 years

Destroy any target

Tanks are playing an increasingly decisive role in complex battle environments. Tanks have traditionally allowed their operators to hunt opponents in relative safety. NLAW turns the tables by removing this safety level, earning its name as the ultimate tank killer.


Lightweight, swift, powerful

The unjammable and man-portable system can be deployed in around five seconds by a single soldier, day or night. With a combat range of 20–800 m and a single shape charge, NLAW is the best anti-tank weapon for infantries and dismounted troops in complex terrain.


Extremely flexible, NLAW can attack from almost any position, from up high in a building to behind a tree or in a ditch. You can fire down 45 degrees and can shoot from inside a building, from a basement or from the second floor of a building out of the range of most tanks.

Hitting the target

One of the major challenges facing anti-tank weaponry is hitting the target when obstructed by countermeasures and obstacles, such as other vehicles, heat sources and power lines. No lock-on signature is required. The operator simply tracks the target for a few seconds before firing and NLAW does the rest.

Soldier ready to fire NLAW
NLAW has confined space capability, enabling the soldier to act in any environment

OTA and DA in one

With selectable Overfly Top Attack (OTA) against armoured targets and Direct Attack (DA) for non-armoured opponents and troops inside buildings, NLAW fires perfectly in confined spaces.

NLAW’s OTA function is effective at just 20 m, making it ideal for short-range combat, even where the tank is behind cover. Its armour-piercing warhead can destroy heavily protected MBTs in a single shot. The system is also extremely effective when the operator can only see a tiny portion of the target. The operator can simply aim at the visible part and fire. The missile will travel one metre above the line of sight before it takes the tank out from above.

In DA mode, NLAW can be used against soft targets like trucks, buses, cars and helicopters. When fired directly through a window into a building, fragments will cause significant damage.

The ideal mix of PLOS guidance and OTA delivers easy handling, great accuracy and high kill probability, every time.


Did you know...

With the powerful OTA, NLAW is the MBT's worst enemy. Here are some interesting facts about NLAW you may not already know.

  • NLAW was developed in a cooperation between Sweden and UK 
  • It is the only system that can take out a Main Battle Tank from 20 metres
  • The NLAW can penetrate more than 500 mm armour 
mm Armour penetration

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