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You are not alone

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To ensure success, air force operations rely on an intricate web of support activities. One is the ability to perform aircraft maintenance wherever necessary, thereby ensuring that the system issued to deployed task forces is ready for operational use.


Saab is offering Gripen to India. We believe Gripen is the perfect fighter aircraft for India´s requirements. The highest operational availability and reliability, the fastest turnaround and minimal support requirements lead to sustained high sortie rates, and enable commanders to undertake the most demanding operations with a minimum of resources.

The complex security challenges India faces today mean that its air force may be required to engage in deployed operations in remote locations, mobilise the resources needed to maintain equipment at Forward Operating Bases and prepare units for operations. An air force must have the flexibility and preparedness to rapidly accommodate its fighter aircraft in a hangar and be able to perform a wide spectrum of support activities. This ensures that the aircraft will be ready for operational use – even in harsh and isolated locations far from developed areas. Creating a stable and secure environment is vital to mission success and personnel safety.

All Air Force Operations Require Aircraft Maintenance

When operating in remote environments, it is imperative that appropriate maintenance capabilities exist to ensure aircraft availability and mission readiness at all times.

- “The Swedish Air Force has utilized the concept of deployable maintenance capability in several missions as well as during joint international exercises. With our Deployable Aircraft Maintenance Facility you can carry out additional preventive and corrective maintenance tasks at organizational level at the Forward Operating Base. The robust design and minimal maintenance requirements make it ideal for semi-permanent use, or to complement or even substitute stationary facilities at main bases,” says Christoffer Rashdan, Business Development Director at Saab´s Support and Services business area.

Gripen was originally designed for flexible deployment with a small logistics footprint. This was due to the Swedish Air Force’s policy during the Cold War to operate out of a number of dispersed bases across the country. Keeping staff resources, support systems and spares to a minimum was therefore of the highest priority.

- “Due to its small logistics footprint and ability to be rapidly deployed, the Deployable Aircraft Maintenance Facility supports operations out of dispersed bases. This means Gripen and our deployable maintenance concept are a perfect match,” concludes Christoffer Rashdan.

Deployable Aircraft Maintenance Facility

Comprises an aircraft hangar and maintenance containers outfitted to serve as workshops, storage facilities for spares and support equipment, pilot locker rooms and offices for maintenance and mission planning and follow-up. In addition, integrated Barracuda multispectral camouflage provides protection for aircraft and personnel against modern warfare sensors.