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Saab Global

Keeping ahead, the smart way

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The launch of GlobalEye airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) marked another leap forward from Saab in radar technology. GlobalEye is the only airborne surveillance system on the market capable of simultaneous air, maritime and land surveillance. Smart ways of working and cutting edge in-house capabilities have been key to achieving this.

Saab’s airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) system GlobalEye is yet another innovation in the field of radar technology, where Saab has put an entirely new, ground-breaking capability onto the market.

So what sets Saab aside?

With GlobalEye customers not only gain access to leading-edge surveillance capabilities, but also joining forces with Saab as a company combining the in-house competencies of a large system integrator, aircraft manufacturer and provider of sensors and command and control systems. The key to Saab's ability to take the prime contractor role for this ground breaking AEW&C solution builds on expertise and innovation in several areas. This includes radar technology, C4I solutions, system- and platform integration as well as electronic warfare. A large proportion of GlobalEye’s sub systems are made up of world-leading products manufactured by Saab.

GlobalEye constitutes the most recent step in the spiral development of Saab’s family of airborne surveillance solutions. Spiral development is all about working in increments, constantly improving products and technology.

By creating roadmaps for every product, not only for each customer adaptation, Saab ensures the products are constantly evolving while costs are kept down.  The new Erieye ER (Extended Range)  radar marks the start of an entirely new development spiral, using the proven technology in previous versions of Erieye. 

Re-using technology across different products is another key aspect. Saab has adapted ways of working from commercial industries and constantly re-uses technology across products and applications through base programmes. Within the sensor area, for example, Saab’s customers benefit from all the developments made in this area, including developments to the surface based Giraffe radars as well as the airborne radars including Erieye ER and our Electronic Warfare systems.


Saab has decades of expertise and innovation in sensor and radar technology. As a complete AEW&C integrator Saab use unique in-house competences and system integration expertise in combination with the very best third party solutions, like the top-of-the range Global 6000 aircraft from Bombardier, used as platform for the GlobalEye AEW&C solution.

This gives Saab the advantage of exquisite in-house competence and deep knowledge of technology across all domains and subsystems.