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Discovering the undiscoverable

The hypersonic threat is here and needs to be adressed now. That is why Saab has developed the Hypersonic Detection Mode radar capability.

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The wolrd is changing, that is a fact. Technological advances have revolutionised the world of sensors, which means endless possibilities. But the advances have also resulted in new threats around us. For radars, stealth technology has long been a challenge as it makes objects appear smaller than actually are. The new generation of radar is so powerful that it can detect even very small obejcts. 

Missiles used to be referred to as subsonic or supersonic, travelling below or above the speed of sound. We are now facing threats travelling at several times the speed of sound: hypersonic missiles. Traditional radars lack the high update rate required to discover hypersonic threats; these travel so fast that when the radar discovers them, it is too late; there is no time to react before the missiles reach their target.

The hypersonic race is on and several hypersonic missile programmes are currently ongoing. This means that military objects previously considered safe can now be at risk, for example aircraft carriers far out at sea. With the hypersonic threats advancing fast, waiting for the development of the next generation of radar is not an option – the threat is here and we need to be ready now. This is why Saab has developed the Hypersonic Detection Mode.

“In a situation where literally every second counts, you need a radar that is able to start tracking targets not within seconds, but within a fraction of a second, to give you that time to react. Our Hypersonic Detection Mode, which is available now, provides our users the time that can mean the difference between life and death”, says Torbjörn Wolffram, Head of Martketing & Sales, Saab product unit Surface Radar Solutions.

Saab’s Hypersonic Detection Mode is based on Saab’s next generation track while scan technology, which enables track start within a fraction of a second. Its quick track formation time and high update rate means it will be able to track any number of targets, including stealthy ones, in all types of conditions.
“Our Sea Giraffe Radars offers a range of functionality that is unique. As well as the Hypersonic Detection Mode we have, for example, the ELSS drone detection capability and the Rocket Artillery and Mortar (RAM) detection capability, which can all be used simultaneously”, Wolffram concludes.

The Hypersonic Detection Mode is optimised for the Sea Giraffe 4A Fixed Face, which is a fixed array configuration that belongs to Saab’s multi-functional family of S-band AESA radar systems.