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Sea Giraffe Multisensor Solution

Why compromise ship survival?

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Saab's Sea Giraffe Multi Sensor Solution provides unrivalled powerful radar performance in a compact format, suitable even for smaller vessels. Unlike other solutions on the market, the Sea Giraffe Multi Sensor Solution has a compact design and low weight, which allows the sensors to be placed in an optimal location to achieve the best possible range and performance.

Depending on the user’s operational needs and ship designs the Sea Giraffe Multi Sensor Solution can be configured as a rotating solution comprising the Sea Giraffe 4A and Sea Giraffe 1X or as a fixed face solution with the Sea Giraffe 4A Fixed Face (FF) and the Sea Giraffe 1X. This combination of sensors provides simultaneous medium-to-long range air surveillance and short-range air and surface surveillance.

Having two independent radars also means the user gets full redundancy in their self-defense capability, allowing them to secure ship survival. A combination of different frequency bands offers a unique possibility to operate with optimised performance in all conditions such as weather variations or jamming.

"We offer a unique solution of powerful radars in a very compact format", says Torbjörn Wolffram, Marketing & Sales Saab’s business unit Radar Solutions. Our radars’ compactness and low weight means even small and medium sized vessels like corvettes and frigates can benefit from world-class surveillance.

Combining the medium-to long range Sea Giraffe 4A/ Sea Giraffe 4A FF with the compact short range Sea Giraffe 1X results in excellent situational awareness capability without the need to compromise survivability.