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5 quick facts about 9LV

2 min read

High-tempo decision making in the confined environment of a ship is certainly challenging. With our 9LV Combat Management System we enable the operators to make the right decisions, fast. Here we list 5 quick facts.


1. The brain behind the systems

In 9LV we combine some of the world's most advanced systems, including weapons and sensors. We think of the 9LV combat management system as the brain linking all these pieces together. It provides complete C4I – which stands for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence.

2. Intelligent interfaces

We ensure all the sub-systems work in the ship’s complex environment - in crowded and confined areas where people are under high pressure. Each operator has their own workspace, or operator console, adapted to their role, with high degrees of automation to support multitasking.

3. Supporting decision making

We design 9LV to enable fast decision-making, fusing data from multiple sources and domains. This allows the ship to deter an enemy, protect the crew and to strike when necessary.

4. 250+ deliveries

We’ve made more than 250 combat system deliveries to over 20 navies around the world in countries including Sweden, Finland, Norway, Australia and Canada.

5. Any type of vessel

9LV provides C4I for all types of naval platforms, from small patrol boats, vessels for security and surveillance, to complex ships like submarines, frigates and carriers.

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