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Saab Global
Visby-class corvettes 9LV Ceros

Combat Systems

Saab’s 9LV offer comprises everything from complete combat system deliveries to provision of systems and sub-systems, as well as components and services.

Striking performance

Our 9LV offers complete C4I for every type of naval platform, ranging from combat and patrol boats, frigates and large through-deck ships to submarines and vessels for anti-piracy, security and surveillance. Designed to excel in combat, 9LV provides outstanding operational capabilities and supports all mission types. From the extreme littorals to the open ocean, in all warfare dimensions, manned as well as unmanned. 9LV comprises some of the world’s most advanced systems and technologies. We make this complexity work on board ships, in crowded and confined areas, where people are under high pressure and where things can go from dead calm to dead serious in less than a blink of an eye. Needless to say, it is an immense challenge, but this is where we make a difference. With more than 250 combat system deliveries to over 20 navies worldwide, we understand the true needs of the modern navy and have become a trusted partner and systems provider.