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How to train for the unpredictable battelfield

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Fighting forces which train the most effectively are the ones with the most realistic and immersive solutions. Every level, whether it’s the training scenario, environment or system, needs to reflect authentic battlefield experiences in order to hone combat instincts. The foundation of this is allowing warfighters to train with weapons and equipment that accurately simulate the fit, form and function of their battlefield kit.

The most effective warfighter is the one who is best prepared through rigorous testing and trained to overcome the intensities of combat. Honing this requires military training which presents authentic combat scenarios and missions, allowing combatants to use and develop actual battlefield skills and instincts. To allow this, simulation systems need to be as reliable and robust as actual battlefield equipment and able to operate in any environment no matter the conditions, so that you can train to fight anytime, anywhere.

Saab offers the most realistic training and simulation systems on the market, based around the core principles of fidelity, precision and in-depth analysis. Our training and simulation systems don’t just look to surpass the realism of competitors; they take realism to the very limits of possibility at every technical level. With this degree of fidelity, forces can train to win in any environment around the globe.

Range, ballistics and time of flight are hugely important characteristics of any weapon system.
Hans Lindgren, Head of business development

“Range, ballistics and time of flight are hugely important characteristics of any weapon system. And these characteristics need be in the warfighter’s mind both when conducting training and on operations. So training systems must also replicate these same characteristics, in order that weapons can be correctly employed and the necessary lessons learned in the safety of the training environment.”
Hans Lindgren, Head of business development at Saab’s business unit Training and Simulation.

Saab’s scalable and modular training solutions can support training at every level, from basic individual tactical skills to Combined Arms Brigade collective training. The modern battlefield might be unpredictable, but Saab provides the globally proven tools and solutions that allow warfighters to fight, overcome and win at every level.