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Gripen 3000 flight hours

The first Gripen to reach 3000 hours in the air

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The Swedish Air Force and Blekinge Wing (F 17) has reached the milestone of passing 3000 flight hours with a Gripen. The aircraft, designated 39210 is now the only Gripen in the world that has flown these many hours. ​​​


​​​The aircraft is the fourth Gripen C that was delivered to the Swedish Air Force. In the beginning, this aircraft had a special assignment to work as a prioritized aircraft for Gripen C/D. The assignment meant that this aircraft was designated to fly more than the rest of the fleet. This was a way to, in an early stage, follow and gather experience before the rest of the fleet come up to the same amount offlight hours.

Gripen 3000 flight hours

- This aircraft is first and foremost a symbol of all the dedicated work. The people and colleagues, here at Blekinge Wing, the air force and the collaboration with FMV and Saab, these are the people making it possible to celebrate this milestone. And this aircraft has many more years to deliver, says Tommy Petersson, Wing Commander, Blekinge Wing.