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Gripen E jet fighter conducts water spray tests in Brazil.

Saab Conducts Water Spray Test With Gripen E in Brazil

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In June, as part of the Gripen E test programme, Saab completed a water spray test with Gripen E. The activity was conducted at the Gripen Flight Test Centre (GFTC), in Gavião Peixoto, Brazil.

During the test, a Gripen E was made to pass through a flooded runway at varying speeds. The test helped identify the impact of water on Gripen including its engines and sensors, and check if the fighter can function without any problems in rough scenarios. The success of the test demonstrates Gripen's abilities to perform in all kinds of harsh weather and adverse scenarios.

“The activity went well and the aircraft performed as expected. Gripen E has shown that it is capable of operating safely in situations such as heavy rain, without suffering damage from cascades of water pooling on the runway,” said Sven Larsson, head of Saab's Gripen Flight Test Center.

The testing campaign conducted at the GFTC is an activity performed in partnership with Embraer, whose exchange of experiences brings significant benefits to the Gripen programme and also to Brazil and Sweden. The Brazilian company has a special infrastructure in Gavião Peixoto to set up a “pool” on the runway and provide this unique experience.