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Gripen E - F39E Wallpaper

True Collaboration: Gripen Flight Certification

2 min read + Video

As the Brazilian Air Force Gripen moves closer to operational deployment, numerous flight tests are being conducted at the Flight Test and Research Institute (IPEV) in Brazil to test the airworthiness of the fighter.

How does a fighter aircraft obtain flight certification? Read on to know.

The second episode of the season 4 of the True Collaboration series elaborates the role of FAB´s IPEV in the certification process. The episode also highlights the complexity of the Gripen evaluation program and how engineers are handling the program.

As a part of this process, Gripen undergoes tests – both on simulator and in-flight - to evaluate various capabilities like in-flight responses, climate tests, flight control tests, and air-to-air refueling. Most importantly, these tests determine Gripen’s compatibility with FAB’s operational needs.

"Since this is a national project, developed for the Brazilian Air Force, a thorough exchange between the Brazilian and Swedish teams is fundamental for the Brazilian Air Force to absorb this knowledge and gain mastery over it so it can support future developments according to operational needs," says Colonel Bussmann, Commander of Flight Test and Research Institute.

A team of test pilots, flight engineers and technicians from both Saab and its Brazilian partner Embraer are taking part in the certification process. By the end of the evaluation period, Gripen will be deemed ready for Brazilian Air Force’s operational deployment.

The delivery phase of the Gripen program has also begun. Soon, four fighters will be delivered to the Brazilian Air Force. Brazilian and Swedish engineers and technicians are working together at the production facilities in Linköping for activities like structural assembly, installation, and final assembly.