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Gripen E with meteor

How Gripen E Offers Enhanced Survivability

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Gripen E is a fighter designed to survive in complex, contested battle scenarios. This has been made possible by designing advanced systems that give the pilot an edge over their opponents. Read on to know more.

Next Level Human-Machine Collaboration

Behind the Gripen E pilot's ability to see first and act first is an advanced Human-Machine Collaboration i.e. a combination of Human-Machine Interface and tactical systems. Gripen E's fully customisable Wide Area Display (WAD), Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) and Head Up Display (HUD) give the pilot the information of advantage in every scenario. These systems do not just present information, they do so in a user-friendly way where the pilot can see only the information he needs to see. Every information that Gripen E sensors receive is continuously fused and the pilot can choose the way it is presented, e.g. button press, voice prompts etc.

According to Jussi Halmetoja, Operations Adviser of Air Domain at Saab Aeronautics, and a former Gripen pilot, the Gripen E HMC does not just present information, it also tells the pilot what happens next if a certain maneuver or action is performed. “In terms of survivability, the Gripen E HMC presents information not just about the threat levels, but also on how that (threat scenario) will change if the hostile target you're looking at is performing a certain action,” he says.

The electronic warfare cloak

Several modern day fighters rely on stealth for survivability. Gripen E, on the other hand, has built survivability by offering electronic attack capabilities. Featuring advanced sensors and radars like the IRST and the AESA, Gripen E can track multiple targets simultaneously without giving its position away.
Gripen E's EW system also allows a seamless flow of information between the pilot and various on-ground teams. At the same time, it also floods the opponent with information - using advanced jamming functions or displaying false targets - leading them to make poor decisions.

A robust weapons system

Featuring 10 hardpoints that can carry a range of air-to-air, air-to-ground and air-to-ship weapons at the same time, Gripen E supports all types of missions.

"We are focussing on two main weapons currently; one is Meteor, the beyond visual range air-to-air missile system, and the other one is Taurus or KEPD 350, which provides defence forces with a very efficient, survivable strategic attack capability. Weapons like these, combined with the ability to use offensive and defensive means simultaneously enables Gripen to detect, engage and suppress targets effectively," Jussi says.

Handling the dense threat environment

To handle to bigger, better missiles of today, Gripen E has a combat proven countermeasures system in place. Electromechanical dispenser BOL for example, can hold efficient chaff or IR payloads providing protection for several minutes. Other than that, BOZ EC, a highly capable countermeasures pod provides Gripen E protection from multiple directions.