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From hacking computer games to entering a managerial position, Ted Delin’s early curiosity about technology not only led to expertise in manipulating code — it also brought the exciting chance to be a part of a fast-growing company at the centre of technology. Today, Ted spends his days looking for innovative development opportunities for both the company and the team that he manages. 

A radar for new possibilities

All the way from sunny Los Angeles to London and back to Gothenburg — the journey that led Ted to where he is today offered many valuable life experiences, new perspectives and a Bachelor of Science degree. Today, Ted has been part of Saab for one and a half years and has already levelled up on the career ladder.

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After graduating from Middlesex University in London, Ted worked as a DevOps developer in Cambridge. After a few years, he moved back to Gothenburg and continued his career at Saab as a consultant. When the company underwent reorganisation over the summer, Ted seized the opportunity to become a manager for the X Innovation Lab team at Saab. A decision he is very happy to have made.

"My biggest motivation is to see people thrive and grow to their full potential."

"I wanted to help people thrive and develop by making their work-life easier and more enjoyable. I felt that it was possible in this new role, and that’s why I chose to be a manager in the first place," says Ted.

Even though the new position meant letting go of writing code, Ted’s passion for programming still influences his free time. When he is not flying automated drones, he reads about Artificial Intelligence and technological discoveries to stay up-to-date on the latest news.

"I would say that I still identify very much as a developer, and I have some programming projects of my own that I work on during my days off work. Of course, I miss the practical part of creating codes sometimes, but I wouldn’t change my decision of becoming a manager," Ted continues.

At the heart of innovation

As a manager at Saab, his days are filled with several meetings and interactions with colleagues. With a responsibility to make both employees' work and product manufacturing processes smoother and more manageable, Ted is always on the lookout for new development opportunities.

“There are so many various fields to dig into, several development opportunities and numerous things to try out.”

For example, he has been involved in finding new innovative ways to recruit employees and get new talents to apply for jobs at Saab. As Ted himself explains it, every day and project is unique and brings different challenges.

"I never know what my days at Saab are going to bring or what different meetings will lead to. There’s always something new going on, and that is really exciting. Here at Saab, there are so many various fields to dig into, several development opportunities and numerous things to try out. You never feel that your work gets monotonous."

When working in a fast-growing industry that requires innovative thinking, sometimes you need a dose of inspiration. In those cases, Ted turns into a somewhat unexpected source.

"The American golfer Bryson DeChambeau is a source of inspiration for me. The way he has managed to change the way people look at golfing through statistics and science is very interesting. Instead of focusing on how to be the ultimate golfer through training, he explores how you can maximise the capacity of your body and brain through diet and so on. I try to adapt that outside-the-box thinking in my work as well, to look at the whole and how external factors matter instead of just spending hours writing code to be a good developer."

No room for solo players

Besides the variety of tasks and the broad field of technology at Saab, it’s the people that make Ted’s job feel truly meaningful. Moreover, the number of opportunities that the company offers, and the variety of colleagues’ skills are equally impressive.

“We tackle all difficulties and celebrate all successes together.”

But most of all, it’s the warmth and inclusiveness of the teams that Ted points out as the best part of his job.

"Everyone here is very welcoming and open. Whether you’re a manager or an employee, we all hang out together in the break room, grabbing a coffee, chatting and laughing together. We tackle all difficulties and celebrate all successes together. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by people who truly love what they do."

3 questions

What is your biggest strength?
My curiosity – I’m always on the lookout for new challenges and things to learn.

How would you define hard work?
To dare to fail and try again.

Why would you recommend Saab as an employer?
If you’re interested in the possibilities of technology and want to have an impact on creating the future of Saab as a software company, this is the place to be!