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Field hospital - deployment

Deployable health care where it matters

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Saab’s mission is to keep people and society safe. One approach is to save lives on the battlefield. With Saab’s deployable health care solutions, life saving actions can be made where it really matters. By utilising the latest technologies, wounded soldiers can be treated in a more effective and mobile way than ever before, closer to the incident.

The Latvian National Armed Forces (LNAF) are one of the latest users of Saab’s deployable health care solutions. The interest grew when they conducted miltary exercises together with the Swedish Armed Forces. Today they are one of the latest customers of the solution and have used it successfully in exercises with both Denmark and Sweden.

“In order to fulfil the medical support tasks of the LNAF, we had a number of high-profile requirements, for example high self-sufficiency, portability and deployability. In cooperation with Saab’s medical designers, a flexible and creative partnership was formed.This cooperation has resulted in a modern deployable health care solution with the most modern medical equipment. The certified and tested equipment fully meets the requirements of LNAF,” says Lieutenant Colonel MD Normunds Vaivads, Latvia National Armed Forces Joint HQ MED Service Chief Medical Officer (Surgeon General).

Latvian National Armed Forces deployable health care solution, configured to fit their needs.

“With our expertise within the area, we are able to offer a customised and turnkey customised solution when it comes to everything from the overall design down to medical equipment, all to meet our customer’s needs,“ says Richard Ånell, Saab’s Global Medical Adviser.

This is Saab’s deployable health care
FRC - Medical care solutions
Surgery in Field Hospital
This is Saab’s deployable health care

Text: Our deployable health care solutions are fully modular and can be designed to fit the customer’s needs perfectly. It can be configured from the overall design of the tents to specific medical equipment.


Our deployable health care solutions stretches from smaller shelters, efficient Forward Resuscitation Capacity (FRC) to Pre-Hospitals, all the way up to complete field hospital solutions. This makes the solutions ideal for armed forces, as well as Special Forces.


The key of our health care solutions is their deployability. With the small size of 32 square meters and a weight of 750 kg, it can be deployed where it’s needed to most.