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Writing the narrative of tomorrow's technical inventions

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With a fearless mindset and a curiosity for people and new technology, Skander Kamran is not afraid of taking on challenges and discovering new ways to develop his knowledge. At Saab, he has found a place to explore both the potential of new technology and his expertise, but most importantly, a safe zone where he has room to grow – personally and professionally. 


For almost two years now, Skander Kamran has been part of the MBD Industrialization department at Saab. Together with his team, he is responsible for developing and supporting programs that create and display work instructions for the operators who produce Gripen – the most complex and advanced aircraft Saab has ever built. 

Let us introduce you to our world of opportunities

"Saab is always looking for ways to reach further with new technology."

"I had never heard about this methodology before I started at Saab, but now it feels impossible to imagine a reality without Model Based Definition, Saab's model-based way of working. With 3-D drawings and digital information, you get a much more effective working method. Working with Model Based Definition is definitely one of the best things about my job," says Skander.

Before he started his journey at Saab, Skander studied Mechanical Engineering, and it was during his graduate studies he first got in touch with the company.

"I was looking for a topic for my thesis project and saw that Saab had an exciting opportunity available. So, I spent my last semester here writing about Model Based Definition and 3D-based work instructions. During the project, we explored the possibility of taking the technology even further using AR glasses. Even though it was just for a thesis project, it was a clear sign to me that Saab is constantly striving to reach further with new technology."

Setting new ideas in motion

Not only does Saab invest in new technology, but also in the most important asset of the company – the people. With several learning opportunities and room to grow, they have a reliable foundation for expanding their knowledge and the freedom to set new ideas in motion.

"Saab has created an environment that makes people feel important and valued. I remember when I started at Saab and asked my manager when he expected me to be comfortable in my role and ready to deliver. He just answered, 'Let go of that thought. When you feel ready, let me know, and we will add new tasks to keep you challenged '. His answer summarizes the atmosphere here at Saab pretty well. You will be challenged, but at your own pace."

According to Skander, the company’s long history combined with the open and welcoming culture makes Saab stand out from the crowd as an employer.

"You say goodbye to your family when you leave for work and hello to another when you arrive at the office."

"The environment at Saab is very friendly. We're almost like one big family here, and your private family life and well-being are an obvious priority. I enjoy our open culture and the flexibility we have. Saab knows that employees who have the time to reload will also be motivated to do their best when needed."

3 questions

The best thing about Saab? 
The combination of working with people and technology. I enjoy having the opportunity to dive into new technology while also meeting new people. It's the perfect combo for me. 

The most motivating?
Waking up in the morning and not knowing what the day will bring. The wide and deep variation of tasks and projects here at Saab makes me want to get up and hurry off to work! 
Your best advice to a potential colleague?  
Even if the role description in the job advert sounds too complicated, try it out anyway! There's no pressure to be a quick learner or to know everything. It's ok to be new here.