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Managing the organization's digital brain

3 min read

Growing up in the late 90s, just when home computers were becoming widespread, the IT world seemed full of opportunities and surprises to Oskar Löwendahl. Although several years have passed since his first encounter with this exciting new tech world, his curiosity for IT remains strong.


New tech adventures are loading

Oskar Löwendahl has been drawn to the IT world for as long as he can remember. Today, as an IT Service Owner at Saab, he is leveraging his passion in a central role within the company.

Let us introduce you to our world of opportunities

" I've always been interested in understanding the bigger picture and how things are connected. The rapidly growing IT industry of the 90s made me even more curious about its potential, and I knew it would lead to new and exciting job opportunities in the future. ", says Oskar.

In November 2021, Oskar began his journey at Saab. Today, he and his team are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure for one of Saab's internal IT deliveries. Despite being with the company for less than two years, he has already explored several technical areas within Saab.

" At Saab, we have so many different IT roles, which make it easy to explore new areas or apply for another position if we want to try something new. I appreciate that we have room to grow within the company and can take the next career step without leaving Saab. Currently, we are focusing on expanding beyond Sweden, which will also open new doors and provide opportunities for working abroad."

" It's fascinating to work at a world-leading company and help maintain that position in the industry."
Oskar Löwendahl

Upgrading hardware and the skills of his own

The IT world is constantly evolving with new technology, and it's crucial to keep up with these changes to stay on top. In Oskar's case, this means ensuring that the hardware and infrastructure behind Saab's systems and applications are protected and up to date – and the same goes for the competencies and skills of the employees.

" Automation and digitalization are a natural part of the IT world, and everything moves forward quickly. Therefore, it's important to continually develop our skills because what is required in the IT industry today can quickly change in the future. At Saab, we constantly strive for continuous learning to meet the needs of tomorrow, which means several growth and development opportunities for us who work here. "

When Oskar thinks of the ever-changing environment at Saab, he finds it unlikely that he will ever get bored with his assignments or projects. But if he would, there are several new paths for him to discover – always with an established and stable employer to lean on during the journey ahead.

"I appreciate that Saab values improvement and growth while offering the stability of an experienced and established employer with an exciting future ahead."
Oskar Löwendahl

3 questions

The best thing about your job? 
The opportunity to develop and grow in my role. There's always something new to explore and Saab is a great place to advance.

The most motivating?  
All the exciting work ahead of us. It’s fun going to work knowing that we are doing great things here.

What is the culture like at Saab?
Helpful, inclusive, and friendly.