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From newfound passion to meaningful impact

3 min read

With a background as a Behavioral Scientist and several years of experience working within HR and business development, Jamilla Johansson suddenly found a new interest in her life. After being involved in a system development case from the customer side, she discovered a newfound passion for requirements management and testing – a passion that eventually led her to join Saab.


Charting new horizons

Let us introduce you to our world of opportunities

Driven by her passion, Jamilla made the decision to change her career path and embark on a new exciting journey. Following the completion of her studies in information technology and systems science at Uppsala University, she eagerly began exploring the vast array of opportunities within the industry.

"It was actually the position and assignment itself that caught my interest at first. When I joined Saab and explored the work and accomplishments made here, it felt like an extraordinary chance to make a meaningful impact. The prospect of contributing to a greater purpose and serving customers worldwide filled me with immense excitement," says Jamilla.

Today, Jamilla has been part of Saab for three and a half years – a journey that began with her role as a Software Developer. Currently, she is working as a Scrum Master and is also a mentor in Saab's Academy program, helping new talents onboard and introducing them to the Saab community.

"I value Saab's commitment to embracing new graduates within the company. Having personally entered through the Academy program, I was genuinely touched by the warm introduction and reception I received. Saab's Academy program serves as a remarkable initiative, recognizing and valuing the unique perspectives brought by fresh talent," Jamilla continues.

"I value Saab as a sustainable employer, both in retaining employees through new development opportunities and their focus on creating long-lasting products."
Jamilla Johansson

Balancing parenthood and professionalism

As a Scrum Master, Jamilla is responsible for leading two development teams forward, ensuring quality and timely project delivery by removing obstacles and supporting team members when needed. According to Jamilla, the variety of tasks and the close collaboration with her colleagues is the best part of her job. As a mother of two with a recently acquired house awaiting renovation and an exciting move to the United States on the horizon, she also appreciates the work-life balance and flexibility Saab offers.


"I appreciate Saab's recognition of the importance of work-life balance, granting us flexibility and remote work options, which provides a significant advantage in our industry. Also, the teamwork at Saab is fantastic, with everyone pitching in and supporting each other to overcome challenges collectively. I am lucky to work with such exceptional individuals."

"Saab embraces a strong commitment to continuously developing its employees. We are encouraged to explore new avenues and seek fresh challenges as opportunities for personal growth."
Jamilla Johansson

3 questions

The best thing about Saab?
The combination of diverse tasks, the ability to make a meaningful impact, and the opportunity to develop products that contribute to a safer world, all while working alongside friendly and dedicated colleagues.

The most motivating?
Being entrusted with tasks and having the opportunity to make decisions based on one's own expertise, coupled with the numerous growth opportunities for personal development.

A hobby outside work? 
I have recently discovered a new passion for hiking! Last summer, my family and I embarked on an exciting adventure along the Kungsleden trail to Abisko, exploring the majestic mountains for a whole week. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience!