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Double Eagle family

Underwater mining is inexpensive, effective and denies the free movement of maritime assets. The Double Eagle family ensures safe, cost-efficient and reliable Mine Countermeasures (MCM) operations.

With safety in mind

Modern mine reconnaissance and mine disposal demands a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) able to operate in extreme environments and combat the most advanced modern mine.

The Double Eagle family is a safe and operationally proven system, used by navies around the world. Three base configurations and mission unique payloads provide capabilities for a wide range of operational scenarios.

Double Eagle
The Double Eagle Systems are in operation with many Navies around the world.

The vehicles can be launched from any type of ship, from the shore, or from a craft of opportunity. All Double Eagle systems can be housed in a standard container, providing a deployable solution across a variety of platforms.

Double Eagle systems features high precision manoeuvrability, achieved by a user-friendly control interface and six Degrees Of Freedom (6 DOF) movement.

Double Eagle MDS

The Double Eagle Mine Disposal System (MDS) is the market leading solution for non-expendable mine disposal. Operationally proven and continually upgraded over time, it is the first choice for many navies worldwide.

Double Eagle Mk2
The robust design and short turnaround time make the Double Eagle MDS a highly cost-efficient choice for mine disposal.

The Double Eagle MDS enables safe and effective MCM operations and is a user-friendly system that delivers a high level of availability and reliability.

A modular and flexible approach to the disposal capability ensures effective operations regardless of the mission’s requirements. The MDS can be launched and recovered using a standard ship’s crane and is readily integrated into any combat management system. Power is supplied through the tether providing practically unlimited endurance.

Double Eagle SAROV

The SAROV brings an autonomous capability to the Double Eagle family. In the SAROV configuration the vehicle can be used both as an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) for detection, classification and identification, and as an ROV for mine disposal.

The Double Eagle SAROV is a safe, versatile and cost-efficient hybrid system.

SAROV's robust design and mission modularity provides exceptional mission performance and delivers significant range and endurance, making it suitable for a variety of missions, including search operations, underwater surveys and Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA).

When used as an ROV the vehicle operates via one of two tethers. Either using a thin fibre optic tether for real-time communication on long-range missions (>3 km) with power supplied by an internal battery or through a combined power and communication tether, with a standard length of 1,000 m for endurance demanding missions. The SAROV may also be operated without a tether, further increasing its range and delivering a truly hybrid capability.

Double Eagle MuMNS

MuMNS (Multi-Shot Mine Neutralisation System), the latest addition to the Double Eagle family, is a highly effective and versatile mine neutralisation system that significantly increases the operational tempo of an MCM mission with its ability to carry not one but three charges thereby negating the requirement for constant launch and recovery operations.

The MuMNS is effective against a wide range of conventional underwater ordnance including both buoyant and ground mines.

The MuMNS is effective against a wide range of underwater targets.

MuMNS comprises an ROV equipped with up to three Mine Neutralisation System (MNS) charges, a surface unit including Launch and Recovery System (LARS) along with winch and tether. The vehicle utilizes a shaped charge enabling high order target detonation.

The compact design and small overall footprint of the MuMNS allows deployment from a wide range of platforms including most significantly Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV).

DAMDIC Mine Disposal Charge

DAMDIC is a medium size mine disposal charge (MDC) for use from ROVs, such as the Double Eagle. The DAMDIC is designed for precision laying and based on the bulk charge principle.

Double Eagle DAMIC
The DAMDIC is integrated as a payload on the Double Eagle MDS and SAROV.

The DAMDIC was developed with the highest possible safety in mind; it does not contain batteries or other energy sources and can only be detonated when submerged. Even after being deployed, the DAMDIC can be safely recovered.

Thanks to the specially developed fins and a dynamical sight system that calculates the precise drop point, the operator can drop the charge from a distance up to several meters from the mine.

In order to train operators, the DAMDIC is available in a training variant, where the blast charge is replaced by a float and a retrieval wire.

Double Eagle

Did you know...

Saab's Double Eagle family includes a selection of underwater vehicles for mine countermeasure operations. With different vehicle configurations and payload integration, there is a solution for every scenario. Here are some more facts you may not already know.

  • The “Double” in Double Eagle comes from double hull as the vehicle’s predecessor had only one hull
  • Thousands of mines have been disposed by Double Eagles over the years
  • The rotor magnets in the thrusters are matched to get lowest possible magnetic signature
More than 70 Double Eagle vehicles have been delivered to navies around the world.

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