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With deep water capability, long excursion range, advanced AUV functionality and six degrees of freedom, full autonomous navigation with INS-DVL as standard. Sabertooth is the best-in-class IMR Platform.

Powerful and versatile


Available in single and double hull, Sabertooth is a very powerful but lightweight inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) platform.

Its small size, tether-free operation and manoeuvrability ensure easy and safe access inside and around complex structures. This makes it ideal for offshore survey work and autonomous IMR of subsea installations and tunnels.

Operational concept



This mode has behaviour-based architecture, supported by an inertial navigation system and Doppler velocity log.

Features include mission-planning software with possibility for a with the possibility for the customer-intelligent payload to take control, plus our API means that customer/third-party software can become the backseat driver.

Operational assisted

Sabertooth is given step-by-step instructions from an operator over an optical through-water or acoustic communication link. Each step is then verified by video or sonar data and sent back via the through-water communication link.

Manual operation

The vehicle can be operated manually via a fibre-optic tether or an optical through-water communication link. This mode is typically used during the final approach to a docking node or during intervention. If the link is broken, a pre-programmed emergency routine is enabled.

System overview

If used as a subsea resident system, the vehicle is housed at the docking unit where its batteries can be recharged. This unit allows data to be uploaded to the surface and new instructions to be downloaded.

Sabertooth can swim autonomously to the docking unit and remain there 24/7 for more than six months without maintenance, eliminating the cost of surface vessels.

This deep-water hovering hybrid AUV/ROV benefits from 360° manoeuvrability with six degrees of freedom, interfaces for sensors and auxiliary equipment. It also utilises advanced autopilot functionality.

Sabertooth has the capability for non-invasive self-diagnostics and includes a fault-tolerant control system. A remote internet interface is available as a resource for technical support if needed.

Tooling packages can also be stored in the vicinity of the vehicle and used as required. For the ROV mode there is a wide range of winches and tethers available.

Sabertooth is powered either by battery or tether.

Options, tools and accessories

  • A battery-operated Xenon emergency strobe for locating vehicles
  • Various MBE and SSS systems are supported
  • Various camera options like IPHD to SIT cameras are supported
  • A cleaning brush, incorporating a heavy-duty brush and an SM7 thruster motor
  • An acoustic navigation and communications instrument
  • Various manipulator options are supported

Deployment systems and control cabins

  • Available winch options include an automatic tension control if used in tethered applications
  • The Sabertooth Docking Station is rated to a depth of 3,000 m, providing a battery recharging facility and protection for the vehicle for 6 months

Did you know...

Sabertooth is a versitile and flexible system, which can be used in a wide area of underwater operations. Here are some interesting facts about Sabertooth you may not already know.

  • The Sabertooth system has been demonstrated at NASA´s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL). As part of a symposium, Sabertooth was unleashed in the NBL’s massive 23.5-million-litre tank in Houston, Texas
  • With Sabertooth, the user can access installations that cannot be reached with ships due to ice or weather conditions
  • Sabertooth is subsea resident. A Subsea Docking Station is used for parking and operating the vehicle under water for a longer time

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