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Protect your troops with a camouflage poncho like no other. Our adaptable, multispectral Poncho is tailor made to the person and their mission environment.

Key features

The three-dimensional garnish disrupts the contours of the soldier
Ultra-lightweight and water-resistant for all climates
Blocks up to 70% of the thermal energy transmitted by the soldier

Adaptable personal protection

The soldier is the the difference between mission success and failure. Their protection is paramount.


Poncho, our water-resistant, ultra-lightweight personal camouflage solution, is suitable for all climates and multiple missions, including special operations. The perfect mix of a personal camouflage net and a combat uniform, Poncho provides adaptable, multispectral protection for an individual soldier.

The Poncho is designed to cover your load carriage system, shielding both soldier and equipment from view. Its small, light design makes it easy to store in a combat vest and accessible when needed.

Signature management properties


The pattern and colours used are designed to imitate the background of the intended terrain, making it blend in perfectly. Poncho also has 3D garnish to disrupt a soldier’s contours.


The adopted pigments are developed to emulate the near-infrared reflection of vegetation, rocks, sand and soil in the intended environment. These properties also protect against night vision devices and other related threats.


The thermal infrared properties are modified to obstruct reconnaissance using thermal sensors and reduce the risk of detection in all climates. Poncho blocks 70 percent of a soldier’s transmitted thermal energy.

Material and weight

Poncho is ultra-light, weighing under 1.5 kg. The water-repellent fabric ensures that it maintains this ultra-lightness, even in humid or wet conditions.

Winter solider camouflage

Bitter winter climates place high requirements on signature management equipment. Low ambient temperatures create big contrasts between warm and cold objects, making it difficult to reduce thermal signatures. Winter camouflage must also be adapted for the high UV reflection of snow-covered landscapes.

Poncho is available in a winter version specially developed for snowy environments. The Winter Poncho has the same multispectral properties as the regular version, with the addition of adapted UV reflection. Winter Poncho is single-layered and weighs no more than 1 kg.

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Partnering with Saab 


We are the only complete system house within signature management. We design and manufacture a comprehensive range of Camouflage, Concealment and Deception solutions for soldiers, platforms and units.

All parts of your force, from the single soldier on a mission in a sensor dense environment, to a fully multispectral camouflaged operational base, every asset requires the capability to minimize the probability to be detected. At Saab, we have a long history of creating solutions for any mission scenario – no matter how challenging.

Working with us, you can be certain that you have the best partner in signature management.

Engineering services – specialists on all sensor threats

Barracuda Academy

With over half a century’s signature management experience, Saab's high competence and expertise are applied to every solution we produce.

Barracuda Academy – become a master of camouflage

"No one goes to Europe without camouflage"
Lt Gen Ben Hodges, Commander USAEUR, 2017

Modern signature management is one of the very few disruptive technologies that can break an enemy’s awareness. Barracuda Academy gives students a theoretical and practical understanding of it.

Through our world-class expert-led courses, you can increase your knowledge of modern signature management to:

  • Gain the tactical edge through concealment
  • Identify battlefield threats
  • Enhance survivability of your forces


Camouflage Masterclass

Barracuda academy

This course gives users the tools and knowledge needed to excel in the art of signature management. Effective camouflage will improve your force’s survivability and make sure you always have the tactical advantage in the field.

The programme covers both indoor learning and practical outdoor demonstrations, including a close look at threat sensors, decoys, various field trials and information about the production, quality control and design processes.

Train the Trainer Class

Barracuda Academy

This special course is for instructors who need to be ahead of their students, and can be customised according to user requirements and held in their country.

It gives instructors the tools to train prospective signature management operators. The course also ensures that procedure, protocol and our decades of experience can be applied to maximise the survivability of field operators.

This course can be customised according to user requirements, and can be held in their own nation.


Did you know...

Our Poncho is a unique multispectral camouflage system for individual soldiers. Here are some interesting facts about Poncho you may not already know.

  • Colours and patterns can be adapted for any terrain
  • The Poncho is ultra-light, weighing no more than 1.5 kg
  • Its small, light design makes it easy to store in a combat vest and accessible when needed
We supply our signature management products to over 45 customers worldwide

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