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Solar Shade

Barracuda Solar Shade

Extreme temperatures can also be an enemy, causing death, exhaustion and dehydration, among other issues. Keep troops in top condition with Solar Shade.

Key features

Multispectral protection
Saves 20 percent fuel/power used to cool shelters
Reduces solar radiation by over 80 percent

Keeping cool when it counts

Solar Shade

Our Solar Shade camouflage net system is the premier passive heat mitigation solution for deserts and woodlands environments.

Ultra-lightweight, easily manoeuvrable and with multiple colours and patterns to utilise, it can be customised to many different structures to significantly reduce temperatures and fuel costs.

Tough testing

Saab and the US government have rigorously tested the energy-efficient Solar Shade solution in multiple excessively hot conditions.

The shades also reduce solar load by over 85 percent, greatly reducing damage to shelters and equipment from UV radiation.

Additional protection

Solar Shade is produced from two-ply ULCAS/ULCANS material, providing additional multispectral protection against visual, near-infrared, short wave infrared, thermal infrared sensors and Radar protection. They can be customised for a large variety of other shelters.

Signature Management

Signature Management is at the core of our products. Our technology minimises the contrast between an object and the background, making sensory detection much harder. Signature Management reduces exposure and distance identification, which forces enemies to move closer in order to engage.

True multispectral

Saab's camouflage solutions offers true multispectral capabilities against a wide range of sensor. These are the properties for the product:

Barracuda Academy – become a master of camouflage

Modern signature management is one of the very few disruptive technologies that can break an enemy’s awareness. Barracuda Academy gives students a theoretical and practical understanding of it.

Through our world-class expert-led courses, you can increase your knowledge of modern signature management to:

  • Gain the tactical edge through concealment
  • Identify battlefield threats
  • Enhance survivability of your forces

Partnering with Saab

We are the only complete system house within signature management. We design and manufacture a comprehensive range of Camouflage, Concealment and Deception solutions for soldiers, platforms and units.

All parts of your force, from the single soldier on a mission in a sensor dense environment, to a fully multispectral camouflaged operational base, every asset requires the capability to minimize the probability to be detected. At Saab, we have a long history of creating solutions for any mission scenario – no matter how challenging.

Working with us, you can be certain that you have the best partner in signature management.

Engineering services – specialists on all sensor threats

With over half a century’s signature management experience, Saab's high competence and expertise are applied to every solution we produce.

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Did you know...

Our Solar Shade offers cooling capabilities for the most demanding environments. Here are some interesting facts about Solar Shade that you may not already know.

  • Customized to optimize footprint in FOB (forward operating base)environments
  • Combined liners and shade systems reduces fuel demand in the base camp by 30%
  • The Solar Shage reflects 99% of harmful UV raditation

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Johan Stjernfeldt
Head of Marketing & Sales

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