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Avicom - Globaleye

R4A MkII and R5A

In maritime environments, AIS technology proves to be an invaluable asset for all aircraft. Our certified airborne AIS transponders deliver exceptional performance and unwavering reliability.

Key features

Extensively tested and qualified for airborne use
Latest generation SDR (Software Defined Radio) technology
User controlled AIS operational mode


Class-Leading Airborne AIS

Airborne AIS transponders provide significant advantages for operations in maritime environments. The aircraft literally takes AIS observation to new heights, allowing an overview that very much extends beyond the horizon of what a shipborne transponder can see. It is also a way to easily keep track of where the aircraft is, for example to monitor search patterns in search and rescue operations.

Flexible Platform

Our airborne AIS transponders are developed specifically for use onboard aircrafts and meet relevant requirements for onboard installation. Our AIS transponders can be installed either as standalone units or integrated with other onboard systems such as radars, mission management systems or digital map generators.

Strong Legacy

Saab has been developing and producing military and commercial aircraft for more than 80 years. The company also has a long tradition of integrating avionics. Based upon this knowledge and capability, every effort has been made to ensure the quality and reliability of our airborne AIS products.

Avicom - Globaleye

Did you know...

  • AIS or Automatic Identification System was introduced as a safety enhancing system for so-called SOLAS vessels in 2002.
  • Airborne AIS is today considered as an important tool for various surveillance applications, and vessels which are not visible via AIS may very well be exposed to some extra inspections.
  • Our airborne AIS products are fully qualified for aircraft installations and delivered to several well-known aircraft manufacturers, system integrators and service companies.

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